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Jon Roniger And The Good For Nothin' Band

Live at 6010

Review by Gary Hill

Fun, jazzy, blues based music is the order of business. There is a decent range of sound within that picture. The tempos change, and various instruments take the spotlight on different tunes. Overall, this is just good entertainment.

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Track by Track Review
Little By Little
The horns bring some magic right at the start. The whole tune is packed with tasty class. There are some hints of reggae in the mix, but overall this is jazzy blues based music. Whatever you call it, it's effective and fun.
First Call For Alcohol
I love the energy and groove on this tune. The general concept isn't largely changed, but this is its own tune. It's another entertaining jazzy stomper.
New World Order
This tune is all about the world after the rise of Covid. Musically it lands in the same zone as the tunes that preceded it. I dig the organ solo on this.
Make It Feel Good
The organ is a nice touch on this. The cut has more of a rock vibe to it. That said, the jazz element is still front and center.
Saint Bernard
There is a rather soaring vibe to this, but it's also less energized than some of the rest. It has an almost prog rock edge to it, but there is still lots of jazz at its core. The piano is featured here, and the track has a lot of style and charm.
Love In The Time Of Corona
With an almost polka vibe, this is a bouncy tune that has some elements of Dixieland. The cut is definitely timely. It's also playful and fun.
Miles Away
There is some tasteful guitar soloing on this tune. The number has a great groove and some cool hooks. It's another energized song.
I dig the honky-tonk piano on this cut a lot. It even gets a full solo. The fun is all over this thing. The horns are used sparingly, but effectively.
Nothing Is Sacred
The organ gets a smoking hot solo on this jazz stomper. The guitar brings some reggae to the table. This might actually be my favorite tune of the set, despite the stiff competition. It's a number designed to get you moving.
Miss It By A Mile
Another powered up jazzy tune, this is fun, as well. It has some great grooves.
Will You Be There
The mid-tempo groove on this is packed full of class and style. Again, it's not a huge change, but when it's this solid, who cares? Besides, this one gets a bass solo, and that's great in my book.
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