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Once More, Autumn

Love Is a Sea

Review by Gary Hill

While this might not be the most obvious choice for inclusion under progressive rock, I think it fits quite well. Just about everything here has some prog in the mix, even if the sub-type is of the modern, moody variety. There is plenty of magic on this set, and the only tune that misses a little for me is the opener. The problem with that one is it seems a bit over-produced in the fashion one expects from modern pop music.

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Track by Track Review
There is a real electronic vibe to this cut. The track has a good groove and some solid melodic hooks. The real issue on this is that it feels a bit over-processed.
I like this song better than the opener. It is less processed. It has a dramatic, almost art music element to it. It turns to soaring, powered up symphonic textured music that definitely qualifies as prog later. The closing movement is dreamy atmospherics.
Where it Stands (feat. Deanna DiLandro)
I love this song. There is a dreamy quality to it, but also a symphonic and soaring mellow prog one. The featured second voice is so powerful, and this whole arrangement makes me think of the best of Enya and Clannad in some ways.
Fragments (I)
With a lot of acoustic instrumentation in the mix, this also has plenty of emotion and magic. This is slow moving and rather moody, but it also seems to reach upward in a lot of ways. It's a song with a lot of folk prog leaning to it. As it powers up later it really soars. This earns a parental advisory for the lyrics.
This is a fairly short tune. It has some guitar, but also more of the electronic vibe. There is a moody, dreamy quality to the slow number. It's quite pretty and makes for a satisfying conclusion to the set, feeling like it brings it all back down to the ground.
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