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Lucy Isabel

Rambling Stranger

Review by Gary Hill

Lucy Isabel has given us a nice collection of tunes here. The music ranges from more folk and country based music to rock. It's all solid, and there are some songs that manage to really shine. It all feels very real and genuine.

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Track by Track Review
How It Goes
Cool rocking guitar starts this. As the arrangement fills out, it has a great classic rock sound at play. It drops to mellower zones for the entrance of the vocals. The cut has a bit of a country edge, but is more of a rock song. Much of the tune is more powered up, but the verses are mellower. I love the classy guitar solo section of this tune. 
Something New
A balladic cut, this has a real country folk vibe at play. There is some intricate instrumental work and a potent vocal arrangement.
The Road Ahead
Country and folk music share the driver's seat here. That doesn't mean this is another mellower tune. It's up-tempo and a lot of fun. There is a bit of a hoe-down vibe to it.
Rambling Stranger
Here we have another ballad. The cut has a lot of emotion in the musical delivery. While it's largely acoustic guitar and vocal based, other elements bring some icing to the cake of sound presented here.
California Coming Down
There is a bouncy old school rock and roll groove to this cut. It's a lot of fun. In fact, I'd consider this one of the highlights. It's so playful in texture.
False Prophet
A bit moodier, but not quite a ballad, this song has plenty of rock music and country built into it.
Little Bird
A bouncy and moving folk-based tune, this has some country in the mix. It's fun.
Lucky Stars
This is an intimate folk styled ballad. It features gentle acoustic guitar and poignant vocals.
The Between
I dig this harder rocking cut. It has a fun arrangement and song-structure. It's rather playful and also very expressive. There are some hints of country music here, but overall this is pop rock.
Don't Ask Me Why
An effective powered up ballad approach is at the core of this tune. There are country elements here, but also soulful ones. The vocals are both beautiful and powerful. The arrangement gets powered up with style further down the road.
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