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Jess Jocoy

Such a Long Way

Review by Gary Hill

In the land where Americana, country, rock and the blues meet, I think Jess Jocoy must be a superstar. She deftly combines those sounds into something that is at once unique and familiar. This is fresh, but also seems timeless. It's all potent and accessible.

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Track by Track Review
Existential Crossroads
There is a laid back Americana vibe to this cut. The vocals have a lot of passion and fire to them.
The Ballad of Two Lovers
More classic Americana, this rocks a bit more than the opener did. It has more of a country edge to it.
Somebody Somewhere
I dig the almost bluesy country rock sound of this song. The tune is another effective one on a disc full of strong material.
Love Her Wild
A ballad, this has a lot of country built into it, too. It gets a bit more energized later. It's a classy tune that is packed with style and emotion.
Castles Made of Sand
This feels more Americana based, and less pure country. It's still rather understated, but the guitar arrangement feels ready to explode early. Then it gets more layers of sound over the top as the mix fills out. This has a bit of a soaring angle to it, and there is a powered up movement. It's another strong piece of music.
She Won't Be Sad Anymore
I love the sound of this tune. It has a moody, almost jazzy vibe to it, but it's tempered with pure Americana.
More of a powered up country rock concept is on the menu here. This is a solid tune, but not one of my favorites of the set.
Long Way Home
A slower tune, the Americana concepts are in the driver's seat here. The moody atmosphere to this is classic. The powered up section, with fuzz-laden guitar, is so cool.
Aching to Feel Alive
Laced with plenty of country edges, this is a pretty ballad.
More of a pure country tune, this is not a big change, but it is strong.
Hope (Such a Long Way)
The closer is on the ballad-end of the equation. The vocals on it are so powerful.
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