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Tony Kaye

End Of Innocence

Review by Gary Hill

Tony Kaye is probably best-known as the original (and later returning) keyboardist for Yes. He's actually done quite a few other musical projects over the years, though. This album was created over the two decades since 9-11 as a form of remembrance. It starts the night before the tragic date and covers the way the world has changed in the result of that day. The debut solo album is mostly instrumental, but a couple songs include vocals by Dani Torchia. I have to say that I really enjoy this, but the concept never really seems to be captured to me, except a couple places. That said, this is a strong release even if I miss the direct connection.

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Track by Track Review
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star / Twilight Time
The sounds of a storm bring this into being. A female vocal comes in with the familiar melody of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" as keyboards serve as a backdrop. After crashing, storm-like sounds serve to end that part of the piece, a cool, jazzy mellow jam ensues.
911 Overture
This is quite a symphonic piece of music. It has a lot of majesty and beauty to it. It's quite dynamic, as well.
NYC Blues
I really dig the bluesy piano work on this track. There is some atmospheric texture as background, flavoring for it.
Battle Cry
This is electronic and yet also symphonic. It's intriguing and dramatic. There are some different movements built into it. Some world music vocals are heard.
285 Fulton Street
There is jazz along with cool rocking textures and more at play here.
Let's Roll
There is a lot of classical music on display here. The piano really gets dramatic as the number develops.
Tug Of War
Here we get another dramatic electronic instrumental. This powerful, dynamic and some decidedly symphonic vibes at times.
Flight 11
This piece is a real powerhouse, packed full of emotion. It's largely electronic, but also has some definite symphonic things in the mix. There are phone messages, I think they are the real recordings from the calls that day.
Towers Fall
There is a real nightmarescape effect to this cut.
Sweetest Dreams
Another track that features vocals, this is mellower, more song-like and pretty.
This is another powerful keyboard based piece. It has some symphonic moments, but turns to a full rocker later.
This is a dramatic and pretty keyboard based number.
The Battle
An epic piece in terms of scope and length, this has sound effects, a lot of different musical themes and more. It's one of the most ambitious pieces here.
Hope And Triumph
This has a real rocking groove to it. It's an entertaining and uplifting piece of music.
A dramatic and melodic cut this has a lot of intriguing musical passages.
Ground Zero
This is a pretty song that has a real sense of emotion and grace.
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