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Run Katie Run

Running on Love

Review by Gary Hill

This EP showcases an intriguing act. The name of the group features "Katie" in reference to leader and singer Kate Coleman. It's important to note that it's not a warning for her to escape some threat, but encouragement for her to boldly venture into new adventures. Musically this is interesting stuff. There is an artsy edge to it a lot of times. Yet, it rocks and has plenty of country in place. The songs are often unique and quite creative. Yet, they are always entertaining and Coleman's vocals really deliver.

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Track by Track Review
15 Minutes
This has a somewhat tentative and restrained instrumental arrangement at first. That allows the vocals to shine. The track works out from there with a bouncy sort of pop rock vibe. I really love the electric guitar solo later. The tune turns to more of a powered up rocker with some real Southern edges after that solo.
No Way Out
I love the balance between a tastefully off-kilter and quirky stripped back movement and the more hard rocking a direct counterpoint. This again shows off some of those Southern rock angles. It's artsy, powerful and so intriguing. This is unusual and all class.
Stolen Time
With a lot of roots music in the mix, this tune rocks pretty well. There are some decidedly soaring vocal moments, and the whole thing has s great groove and energy.
Kinda Hoping
There is a strong Southern rock vibe to this. The mellower moments bring some vulnerability to the vocal performance.
Stay or Leave
A big change, this has an energetic funky, almost jazzy groove to it. This is quirky, catchy and so much fun. I think it's my favorite piece on the whole CD. The instrumental section this is surreal, working through a bunch of changes in an almost prog way. It comes back into the song proper via a vocals over stripped back arrangement approach. That brings some real country to the number, but it continues to evolve quickly. The jazz is back, and more prog elements are heard as the track continues.
Running On Love
The title track starts with more of a country ballad approach. It works out into an inspired and unusual number that has plenty of Southern rock and lots more in the mix. This is another standout song. Then again, that should be the case with both a title track and closing number.
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