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Deep Cycles

Review by Gary Hill

I am sure there are those who would argue that this doesn't belong under progressive rock. That's a valid stance. I would say, though, that the vast majority of this feels similar to moody modern prog. There is also a definite art rock angle to the set. However you label this, it's compelling and interesting music that is also effective.

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Track by Track Review
Dark Days
Percussion starts this. The vocals come in over the top of that backdrop. After the first verse there is a small burst of keyboard sound added. It drops back before the second verse. After that vocal movement, though, the arrangement fills out into something that feels very much like modern prog acts like Porcupine Tree. There are pop elements built into this, but also plenty of art music.
Walk Slow Smile More
Here is a slow moving artsy tune that is packed with so much cool. I love the melodic guitar fills. The acoustic guitar elements are a great touch, too. This has an organic, but also electronic feeling to it. It gets quite powerful before it's over.
Into The Fire
I like the groove of this. There is a pop music element at play, but it really feels like modern prog stuff in so many ways. The bass line on this thing is just plain classy. The cut has some really soaring moments.
Down The River
A killer energetic arrangement is on the menu here. This is perhaps more pure pop rock based, but it still has ties to melodic modern prog outfits.
Feels Like Home
Mellower and moody, this is definitely artsy. It has plenty of that modern prog angle.
Every Little Tear
Another energetic and pop rock based cut, there is still enough artsy, proggy elements to keep it particularly interesting.
Desperate Play
A mellower, balladic piece, this has a great moody vibe to it. It gets a bit more soaring and potent further down the road, but the style and flavor remain largely unchanged.
Eye Of The Storm
The keyboard sounds that start this bring a real jazzy edge to the piece.
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