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James Lee Stanley and Dan Navarro

All Wood and Led

Review by Gary Hill

This is such a special album. I've always said that if you are going to cover a song, you should make it your own. Well, that's certainly what's happened here. They deconstructed all these Led Zeppelin songs and rebuilt them from scratch as completely different beasts. Everything works well in that format, but some tracks are stronger than others. It really brings new appreciation for some of these tunes we all know so well.

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Track by Track Review
Houses of the Holy
I really like the way they rearranged this tune. It has some folk rock and even some hints of fusion in the mix. It's a solid rocker, and the vocal arrangement works well.
Good Times Bad Times
Bouncy and fun, this has plenty of folk rock at its core. I don't think the vocal arrangement is quite as effective on this tune as it was on the opener, but it still works well. There are some definite country leanings in the mix here along with old-time rock and roll.
Rock and Roll
A lot more stripped back, this works so well.
D'yer Mak'er
Another that works particularly well in this format, I like the groove of the tune a lot. There is some intricate guitar work that is magical, too.
The Battle of Evermore
I love the deep backing vocal part. After the introduction, the first parts of this song are acapella. This might be my favorite song here It's just so strong and magical.
Stairway to Heaven
There is almost a jazz feeling to this thing It's so different from the Zeppelin version, but manages to work particularly well.
Whole Lotta Love
There is a soulful groove to this tune. It's another winner for certain. I really love the bass work on this.
Over the Hills and Far Away
I really love the vocal arrangement on this tune. This is more of a pure folk song. This makes me think of Crosby, Stills and Nash in some ways.
Hey Hey What Can I Do
There is a bluesy edge to the vocals on this. The tune has more of a folk rocking groove to it.
Dazed and Confused
I dig the soulful feeling to this number. The vocal arrangement here is pure magic. The whole piece just has so much style.
Fool in the Rain
In some ways this lands closer to the Zeppelin version than anything else here does. This is a fun romp with a folk rock kind of texture to it.
Ramble On
A bouncy number, this has a lot of cool folk rock elements at play.
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