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Jyrki 69

American Vampire

Review by Gary Hill

There is a lot of Gothic metal on this set. There is also a lot of electronic music. I sort of went back and forth on where to lend it, but ultimately decided to put it under metal because the artist is billed as Goth metal. I'm not convinced that's the right heading, but I'm deferring to that categorization. All in all, this is pretty effective, but not a full winner from start to finish.

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Track by Track Review
SexDrugsRockn'Roll feat. Shotgun Messiah
The riff that opens this is on fire. The cut has a great metal meets Goth groove and sound to it. This is screaming hot.
White Rabbit feat. Steve Stevens
Yes, this is a cover of the Jefferson Airplane tune. It's full-on Gothic and metal infused. It makes me think of Bauhaus in some ways.
Dreamtime feat. Rosetta Stone
Driving Goth metal is on the menu here. This is solid, but doesn't really standout. It's a bit of an "also ran."
Bite It You Scum feat. LeƦther Strip
I love the driving techno metal groove of this screamer. It earns a parental advisory for the lyrics.. It's energetic and pretty crazed.
American Vampire feat. Skold
More of a pure metal tune, the riffing on this makes me think of Ozzy Osbourne's solo catalog to some degree. That said, there is a real Goth rock edge here.
Don't You Want Me feat. Tiffany
Techno music and Goth merge with some metal edges on this number. And, yes, this is a cover of the Human League song.
Decision feat. The KVB
This gets a minor parental advisory. It's a keyboard dominated piece that works well.
Deviant Carousal feat. Xiu Xiu
A driving Goth metal vibe is on the menu here. This has some seriously upfront keyboard arrangement. There is a bit of an EDM vibe at play here.
Clover feat. Youlooktired
More of an electronic Gothic number, this works pretty well, but is not any kind of standout piece.
Last Dance feat. Not My God
This is a weird electronic Goth number. It's another that makes me think of Bauhaus in a lot of ways. 
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