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Andy Ostwald Trio

Field Guide

Review by Gary Hill

I've included this set under prog because of the artsy angle and the fusion elements. I'll admit that it might well fit under non-prog as more of a traditional jazz thing. That said, I'd have to say that this often plays things just dangerous enough to transcend that, so I'll stick with my classification.

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Track by Track Review
The jazz stylings on this are classy and classic. There isn't a ton of fusion on display on this number, but there also isn't a complete absence of it. I really love the piano soloing on this, but everything about the tune screams "class" and "charm." This has a killer percussion solo in the midst of it.
Falling Grace
The piano is on the leading edge of this track, too. This one does get into more intriguing, fusion-like zones. The bass work-out on this is so cool.
Sweet Emma
There is a bluesy concept to this number. The tune has a cool groove and almost feels as if it has a rock edge. I could imagine a jam band doing this. The bass solo section is so cool.
Piano is the lead instrument here. This is mellower, slower and balladic. It's also melodic and very tasty.
To Wisdom the Prize
I love the piano soloing on this. It's a particularly stylish and cool piece. This is one that does get into some fusion-like zones at points.
Meadow's Edge
A slow moving and melodic piece, there is a sense of beauty and exploration to this number.
Memories of Tomorrow
I really love the energy and groove of this piece of music. The drums really get to show off quite a bit, but everyone puts in stellar performances. The piano takes it into some fusion-like territory later.
I Hear a Rhapsody
There is a killer energy and groove to this track. There is some smoking hot piano work on this, but there is also some killer bass exploration.
There are some cool melodies and musical journeys built into this number. It has some cool melodic vibes and grooves. Again, the piano is the gateway to the more exploratory and fusion-oriented zones, but the other musicians definitely follow that lead. The drums get a chance to show off on this number.
Like Someone in Love
There is a classy old-school jazz vibe as this gets underway. The track turns more exploratory as the bass assumes command, definitely steering it toward fusion.
The Wedding
This piano solo is pretty and grounding in nature.
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