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Review by Gary Hill

This is a Danish act, and they are considered jazz. This doesn't land under prog for fusion, though, although there are a couple points where it does get near to fusion. I put it under the progressive rock because of the unusual combinations of sounds and the art music angles to it. Whatever you call this, though, the sounds here are definitely unique and unusual.

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Track by Track Review
Percussion leads this out. Some retro sounding keyboards join. Then horn is added to the mix as this drives outward as an energetic jazzy number. It has some unusual angles and twists and turns. There is some killer bass sound on the song at times. .The jamming turns screaming hot and tastefully weird later.
Cherry Icecream
There is a cool smooth funk groove as this gets going. This is much more of a melodic jazz piece.
There is a trippy sort of almost psychedelic pop angle to this. Beyond that it's set in the usual jazz trappings. This has some inventive, artsy angles and some cool bass sounds. It's also a killer groove.
Everything Matters to Me – Featuring E. Brown
Art music with plenty of jazz in the mix is on the menu here. This breaks for the instrumental modes of the album with a rap. It also earns a parental advisory.
I dig the jazz grooves on this. It's a more melodic piece, and it works well.
You Should Know Me Better – Featuring Lucky Lo
Trippy retro electronics meet jazz one this number. This is another cut that breaks the instrumental mold, but this time it's jazz singing that does the job.
I really dig the art music meets jazz concepts on this. It's more of an exploratory and at times soaring song. This is definitely one of my favorites here.
Take a Little Time – Featuring Lucky Lo
While still jazz based, there is a bit more of a bluesy, almost rock based groove as this gets underway. There are vocals on this song, too. They are of the jazz ballad variety.
One Berry to Carry
Rising up gradually there is a real jazz prog vibe to this as it gets underway. It eventually turns toward rocking a bit more fully, but the general concept is largely unchanged.
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