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Kosmische Kiffermusik Vol1

Review by Gary Hill

I know virtually nothing about this artist. I know the album was released in 2022. All the information on the CD is in German, so I can't read it. When I've tried to find information online, it's also in German. So, let me just talk about the music and not the artist here. This is all instrumental keyboard stuff, and it really feels like the kind of material that came out in the golden age of electronic music. This is an entertaining set from start to finish.

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Track by Track Review
Ein Baum (I see trees)
This feels a little like Synergy to me as it gets going. It's a synthetic, keyboard based number that has a lot of intriguing texture and style to it. There is a sense of mystery to it. The track gets more energized and driving as it continues.
Tanz Schmetterling Tanz
Lush, symphonic keyboard sounds start things here. It is somehow understated at the same time. This has a real electronic richness to it.
Eine Flöten Melodei

Coming in more percussive, this gets bombastic and a little chaotic as it drives forward. This works up into something more rocking and driving, making me think of Pink Floyd at times, but more electronic. It works out to more purely electronic textures further down and something that sounds like a flute dances over the top.

Liebliches Summen im Walde
I'm reminded to some degree of the soundtrack music to "2001: A Space Oddysey" on this track. It's mysterious and rather alien in sound. It's bleak, but there is a beauty to it. At just about three minutes of music, this is the shortest piece of the disc.
This comes in more driving and rocking. It has some great space rock and electronic texture built into it. It is a potent piece of music, but not a huge change from the rest of the set.
Kosmische Weite
Imagine blending Synergy with Kraftwerk. Bring in some healthy helpings of space music and some early Pink Floyd. You are probably hearing something similar to this. At almost 11-minutes, this is the epic of the set. It works through a number of varying sections and really creates quite an intriguing ride along the way.
I dig the cool synthesizer sounds that lead this out a lot. This has a real classic electronic sound to it. There are parts of that sound almost like chorale vocals. The whole tune has a tasty energy and groove. The melodic section at the end makes for such a satisfying conclusion.
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