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Various Artists

That'll Flat Git It Vol. 39

Review by Gary Hill

Featuring songs originally released on United Artists Records, this collection is heavy on early rock and roll. There are other things here, though, including bluesy stuff, surf-guitar aligned music and even some more country leaning sounds. This is a fairly strong entry in the series. You always know when it's Bear Family that the packaging will be great, and this digipack with extensive booklet is no exception to that rule.

This review is available in book (paperback and hardcover) form in Music Street Journal: 2023  Volume 2. More information and purchase links can be found at:

Track by Track Review
Billy Eldridge with The Fireballs - Let's Go, Baby
There is a raw edge to this recording that makes it feel a little dangerous. Beyond that we get a killer rockabilly groove.
Hunt Stevens - Johnny On The Spot
I like the energy of this tune. The backing vocals are not my kind of thing, though. We get some high pitched female ya yas that sound silly and some doo wop male voices. Still, the cool old-school rock and roll in the mix, along with a great retro guitar solo, make this a winner.
Wes Bryan - Freeze!!
The saxophone on the introduction and the instrumental break is a great touch. There's a bit of a start and stop element to this in keeping with the title. This is a solid number.      
Brein Fisher - Double Dating
More of a pop rocker of the time, this song brings some variety. It's not all that special, though.  
Chuck Wiley - Tear It Up
Now, here they really seem to be looking to tear it up. This number is on fire in terms of pace and intensity. The saxophone, drumming and piano really bring so much to it. This is one of my favorites here.
Denny Reed - I'm Comin' Home
There is a spoken section mid-track on this. The number has more of a pop music vibe than the pure rock of a lot of the stuff here. It's catchy, but too vanilla for my tastes. It does have some hints of Latin music in the mix.
Al Casey - The Stinger
Now, this instrumental is so much fun. It has some great retro rock and roll along with a surf guitar vibe. The saxophone wails with a lot of style, and the whole tune is very effective.  There are some voices later, but they are more shouting in the background.
Ronnie Brent - My Sweet Verlene
Feeling like Chuck Berry to some degree, this is a fun groove. It has some killer piano work. Also, be sure to pay attention to that bass work.
The Straightjackets - That Cat
A classy old time rock and roll groove is on display on this number. This is a fun romp. This has a killer harmonica solo mid-track. That instrument returns on the outro.
Warren Miller - Everybody's Got A Baby But Me
Here we get a high energy old-time rocker. This is fun, but it's not a standout. The guitar solo does elevate the track.
Brein Fisher - It's Up To You
Here we get another fun rock and roller. The guitar solo is tasty. I dig this tune, but I wouldn't consider it a standout.
Hoyt Hudson - They Took John Away
With a little bit of a musical theater vibe, this is another old-school rock and roller that works well.  
The Tune Rockers - The Green Mosquito
This instrumental has some sounds that seem to be channel the insect of the title. Beyond that it's a cool rock and roller that's entertaining.
Sammy Gowans - Rockin' By Myself
There is so much energy and groove built into this screamer. I love the guitar work, and the bass and piano are on fire. 
Wendell Smith - Nashville, Tennessee
I love the bluesy groove of this cut. There is a bit of a raw edge that serves it well.
Chuck Wiley - Shake Up The Dance
The audience screams added to this seem silly and over the top. Beyond that, this is a fun romp that works fairly well.
Hunt Stevens - I Feel It For You
More of a pop tune and less edgy rock and roll, this is enertaining, but not at the level of most of the rest here.  
Sammy Gowans - Kissin' At The Drive-In
This bouncy old-school rocker is not a standout, but it has its charms.
Jackie Frisco - Wait A Minute
The vocals on this are so high-pitched to almost feel cartoony. The track is a rockabilly piece that works reasonably well.
Ralph & Randy - Hungry
More of a stripped back rockabilly tune, this is a cool number. I'd consider it to belong in the upper end of this collection in terms of effectiveness.
The Tune Rockers - Warm Up
With more of a bouncing, driving energy, this is another solid one. It's an instrumental with some horn soloing and a lot of style.    
The Four J's - Rock And Roll Age
This is a vocal driven tune with some doo wop vibes at play. The cut has a good energy and some solid hooks.              
Chuck Wiley - Door To Door
The main riff on this has a really classic sound to it. The number has a bit of a raw edge that serves it well. This is a solid rock and roller.
Wendell Smith - Puddin' Pie
Now, this rocker is one of my favorites here. It has some killer guitar sounds, and the energy and slightly raw groove just works so well.           
Joyce Davis - Superman
I like the energy and lead vocal on this tune. The backing vocals are a little silly for me. Still, this works well despite that. I really love the guitar soloing on this thing, too. 
Ray & Lindy - Yes, That's Love
More of a doo wop ballad, this brings some variety. It doesn't work all that well for me, but that's a matter of personal tastes. It does feel a bit more dated than some of the rest here.        
George Jones - Root Beer
Feeling like a novelty song, this has plenty of country and rockabilly in the mix. It's fun stuff.
Chuck Wiley - Right By My Side
A slow moving rocker, this is based on an acoustic guitar pattern. It has some blowing horn and pounding piano. It works pretty well, and does provide some variety.  
The Four J's - Be Nice, Don't Fight
While this has a bit of a pop and doo wop vibe to it, the energy and hooks are solid. The horn brings some magic,  and the guitar solo really rocks.
The Delicates - Black And White Thunderbird
This is a playful tune that seems tied to both contemporary pop and rock and roll. It's a lot of fun.
Sal Mure - Desire
There is some really magical sound to this thing. It's another highlight of the disc for me. From the rich vocal arrangement and killer instrumental riffing, this feels much less dated than a lot of the music here. In fact, this might be the best tune here to my ears.
Jackie Frisco- When You Ask About Love
This tune doesn't work all that well for me. It all sounds awkward. The vocals aren't great and the music doesn't gel quite right.
Gene Thomas - Sometime
This slow groove is a mellower number. It has tasty horn playing and a solid vocal performance.
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