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Bible Bashers

Review by Gary Hill

Deicide is an unusual act for me. In general I don't like death and black metal bands much. Yet, I really like Deicide, and they are among the more extreme of those types of acts. I guess there is no accounting for tastes. It doesn't have to make sense. I just like this band a lot. This collection gathers up two studio albums and a live one and puts them into a nice digi-pack complete with a cool booklet.

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Track by Track Review
CD 1: Insineratehymn
Bible Basher

Furious and almost hardcore punk in nature as it gets underway, this is screaming hot stuff.

Forever Hate You
The riffing on this is especially meaty. This is another killer death metal stomper. It has some almost neo-classical guitar soloing, too.
Standing In The Flames
There is an explosion of guitar soloing later in this track that is so cool. Beyond that we get some more powerhouse death metal.
Remnant Of A Hopeless Path
Mean, driving and so potent, this is another stomper. This has some psychotic guitar work later, too.
The Gift That Keeps On Giving
I love the riff that gets things going here. The track works through some furious jamming before it goes into a new movement for the entrance of the vocals. It is another ferocious cut. It also has some hints of exploratory guitar that pop up.
Halls Of Warship
While not a big change, there are some pounding moments in this song and some intriguing changes that allow it to really stand out. It's one of my favorites on this second disc of the set.
Suffer Again
This has some cool jabbing guitar at times. It's another fierce screamer that works so well.
Worst Enemy
For some reason this feels more likely to get me moving than some of the rest. Given the competition, that says a lot. I really like the vocal arrangement on this a lot, too.
Apocalyptic Fear
While not a big variant on the concept, this is another fierce and effective death metal stomper.
Refusal Of Penance
The arrangement and guitar soloing on the introduction to this is so strong. This is another that stands as a highlight of this second disc. That makes it a great choice for closing shot. The sounds of burning chaos are heard at the end of this.
CD 2: In Torment In Hell
In Torment In Hell

This starts with a Christian talking about his afterlife aspirations. The track launches out from there into crushing black metal.

Christ Don’t Care
The extreme metal growl early on this is inhuman. The guitar freak-out near the end is so cool.
Vengeance Will Be Mine
Pounding ferocity is on the menu here. The instrumental section late is particularly furious.
Imminent Doom
Driving death metal makes up this song, much like everything else here. That said, while it's not all that changed from track to track, this is all so brutal and effective that it really works.
Child Of God
The onslaught continues on this stomping slab of anger. Not a big change, this is just another effective black metal song. There are some cool twists built into it, though.
Let It Be Done
The opening portion of this has a real nightmare quality to it. The song launches into more expected stuff, but some of the backing vocals bring more of that frightening angle at times.
Worry In The House Of Thieves
This is another screaming slab of extreme metal. It's not all that different, but it's equally effective.
Lurking Among Us
The riff driving this is particularly cool. The vocals are inhuman and other-dimensional a lot of the time. This is a furious workout that's one of the best on this third disc.
CD 3: When Satan Lives
When Satan Rules His World

Vicious and brutal, this sounds so much better than I would have expected for a live recording. This song is fierce and driving and trademark Deicide.

Blame It On God
Jabbing knives of sound are the main concept here. This is another furious and driving piece.
Bastard Of Christ
Feeling a little thrashy, they don't let up on the onslaught at all here. I really love some of the guitar exploration on this thing, but the brutal intensity is the real selling point.
They Are The Children Of The Underworld
Not a big change, this is another scorching hot death metal screamer.
Serpents Of The Light
Coming right out of the previous one, this gets particularly guttural. It's also got some fierce, and rather technical guitar work. I'd consider this one of my favorites from this live set.
Dead But Dreaming
This seems even fiercer and meaner than a lot of the other stuff here. That really says a lot. This is on fire.
Slave To The Cross
The chorus to this is almost hook-laden. This is another powerhouse death metal screamer.
Lunatic Of God’s Creation
The drums are so prominent on this song. It's not a huge change, but when it's this good, who cares?
Oblivious To Evil
Here we get another fierce and fearsome slab of death metal.
Once Upon The Cross
The death metal reigns supreme here. This almost seems more brutal than some of the rest.
Believe The Lie
This has some particularly meaty riffing. I really dig the guitar solo section, short as it is, on this.
Trick Or Betrayed
No big changes, this is just more fierce death metal.
Behind The Light Thou Shall Rise
Seriously intense, there is a guitar solo section that reminds me of something from early Judas Priest. It's crazed and psychotic.
This is driving, fierce and seems even meaner than some of the others.
Father Baker’s
There is some crazy and rather insane guitar in this thing. The number is another driving, furious death metal stomper. It also has some intriguing lines of soloing later along the road. This is a highlight of the first disc for me.
Dead By Dawn
More furious death metal is on the menu here.
Sacrificial Suicide
Here we get more driving stuff. It's not a big change, but it is strong. There is some more of that crazed guitar soloing, too. There is an extended audience section at the end of this.



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