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Dusan Jevtovic

City Hustling

Review by Gary Hill

This album is all about instrumental collaboration and exploration. It is performed by three musicians, Dusan Jevtovic (guitar, effects), Tony Levin (upright bass, electric bass, funk fingers, effects) and Marko Djordjevic (drums). The music here is creative, artsy and experimental. It's also compelling. It is not, perhaps, all that conducive to track by track reviews, but since that's how they are done at MSJ, that's how I've done this. Suffice it to say that you are not likely to hear anything else quite like this.

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Track by Track Review
Carried By The Wind
There is Americana along with a real sense of open proggy adventure built into this thing. It has some great Crimsonian guitar sound at play.
Against 2
This feels ominous and dangerous as it gets started. It works out to something that's a little more on the mainstream blues rock side of the equation. The instrumental work gets fairly freeform and crazed as it moves along.
Do Da
Not a big change, this piece works outward and upward as it carries forward. It's perhaps a bit mellower than some of the others.
Blues For A
More weird atmospheric guitar sounds get things going here. This thing gets very intense as it works forward. It's crazed and freeform. It's also very cool. I really love the bass section showcase section.
Searching For New
Mellower, tentative and exploratory, this is cool stuff. At close to nine-minutes long, this is the epic of the set. It intensifies further down the road.
I Don't Know How
I love the driving bass section of this. The whole cut is faster-paced and powerful. This is less freeform than some of the stuff here, but it's still got plenty of exploratory music built into it. There is some killer bass later, and the track wanders toward fusion.
The freeform interplay on this is classy and intriguing. The cut remains on the mellow end of the spectrum, but it does intensify.
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