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That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 41: Rockabilly & Rock 'n' Roll From The Vaults Of Dot & Hamilton

Review by Gary Hill

This collection from Bear Family features a consistent mix of songs. In fact, I'd say that this set works better than some of the rest. It has a lot of music that works well for me despite the fact that this isn't really my era of music. That says a lot.

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Track by Track Review
Dick D'Agostin and The Swingers - Nancy Lynne
Energetic old-school rock and roll is on the menu here. It's a classy tune that really grooves. I love the piano solo.
Sanford Clark - Love Charms
More stripped back and mysterious in tone, this is another winner. It just oozes cool.
Jimmy Dee and The Offbeats - Don't Cry No More
We're back into high energy zones with this rock and roller. It's another fun one.  
Joyce Paul - Baby, You've Had It
I'm not crazy about the doo wop backing vocals on this track. Overall, though, it's not a bad piece of music.
Leroy Van Dyke - Honky Tonk Song
The rockabilly comes home to roost here. This is not really my kind of thing, but it's reasonably effective.
Tommy Danton and The Echoes - Oh Yeah
The prominent backing vocals don't work that well for me, but they are typical of this kind of rock and roll. I dig the guitar soloing and the bass on this a lot, though.
The Casuals - Help Me
There are some jazzy elements here. Overall, this is a pretty standard old-school rock and roller.
Jim Lowe - The Crossing
A bouncy rockabilly styled tune, this is fun.
Al Reed and The Blue Notes - I Love Her So
I really love the wailing saxophone on this track. It's a rock and roller, but it has a lot of jazz built into it. This is one of my favorite tunes here.
Ken Copeland - Where The Rio De Rosa Flows
The groove on this is cool. Old school rock and roll, blues and some hints of country music all merge here. This is another highlight of the set.
Keith Courvale - Steelworker Blues
This is more of a stripped back cut. It includes guitar, a percussive line and vocals. It's particularly effective and another standout.      
Don Johnson - I'm Hypnotized
I really dig the energy and groove on this romp. It's a classy old-school rock and roller that really works so well.
Snooky Lanson - Stop (Let Me Off The Bus)
While this is a fun tune, it's not one that really stands out for me. It's just another old school rock and roller.
Dick Lory - Cool It Baby
This has a lot of energy. I really love the guitar solo on the number with its clean, almost jazz groove. Overall, this isn't one of my favorites, though.        
Earl Henry - Whatcha Gonna Do
Another pretty standard rock and roller, this is solid, but nothing all that special.
Ned Costner - Jeopardy
I really dig some of the guitar work on this tune a lot. The track isn't anything unexpected, though.
Howard Crockett - If You'll Let Me
This has more of a rockabilly angle to it. The groove is tasty, and I like the piano on it quite a bit. I'm not a fan of the backing vocals, though.
Billy Adams - True Love Will Come Your Way
With some definite rockabilly angles at play, this is a fun number.
Ronnie Smith - My Babe
Rockabilly and a stripped back bluesy groove merge on this number.
Jimmy Work - That's The Way It's Gonna Be
This has some solid guitar and piano work. It's a bit stripped back and more of a rockabilly tune.
Billy Joe Tucker - Mail Train
I really love the energy and groove of this romp.
Bob Denton - 24 Hour Night
This isn't really a standout, but just another rock and roller.
Mac Wiseman - Hey, Mr. Blues Man
I dig the bluesy groove to this number. Then again, blues is right in the title. This is a classy cut.
Leroy Van Dyke - My Good Mind Went Bad
The vocals on this are particularly up-front. This isn't a real standout tune either way.
Jackie Shannon - Trouble
This is a powerhouse rock and roller that's got plenty of bluesy groove built into it.
Jimmy Dee - Here I Come
A high-energy rock and roller, this is so much fun.
Sanford Clark - Modern Romance
This rocker is so much fun. It's another standout number.
Prentis Slade - Scrapiron
Another that is sort of middle-of-the-road, this is fun enough.       
Tom Blair & West Coasters - Rock It
I really dig the guitar sound on this. The blowing horn is a nice touch, too.
Al Casey - Come What May
This leans on the rockabilly side of the equation.
Jimmy Newman - Step Aside Shallow Water (Let The Deep Sea Roll)
Another rockabilly styled tune, this works well. Some of the vocals are especially low register.
The Nighthawks - All'a Your Love
With doo wop styled backing vocals, this romp is has plenty of rockabilly and rock and roll built into it.
Mac Wiseman - The Meanest Blues In The World
Here we get another slab of rockabilly. It's a classy tune, but nothing all that special. It definitely has its charms.
The Casuals - Till You Come Back To Me
There is quite a bit of pure country music in the mix on this number. It does have some rock and roll, as well. It's not one that works that well for me.       
Sonny Curtis - A Pretty Girl
I dig the rock and roll vibe on this number. It's a fun and energetic tune.
Robin Luke - Bad Boy
A slow moving piece, this has plenty of old-school rock and roll at its core. It's more of a balladic song.
The Nighthawks - When Sin Stops
More of a crooner rocker, this is solid, but nothing spectacular.


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