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The Waiting

Review by Gary Hill

This is quite a unique project. It has a lot of metal in the mix, but it also has raunch and roll, Goth sounds, catchy hooks and more. Steve Zing of Danzig/Samhain fame is one of the two people who are the masterminds behind this project. There are definitely songs here that sound quite a bit like Danzig, too. Dan Tracey wrote and produced the entire album along with Zing. There are some notable guests here including Jyrki 69 and Danzig/Prong guitarist Tommy Victor. My only complaint about this disc is that it does start to feel a little redundant at times. It's not enough to really get in the way of it working, but it demotes from pure greatness to just the level of "really, really good." I think that it might be stronger if they had pruned a few of the songs from the final album and saved them for something else.

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Track by Track Review
Drums bring this into being. The track works out from there to some seriously mean and catchy metal. I'm reminded to some degree of Alice Cooper on this thing.
Here we get a killer cover of the Kinks tune. This has a bit of a punky edge, but it's definitely metallic, too. I prefer this to the original by a good margin.
Waiting For The Sun To Go Down
This thing is so mean. It's another killer track. There is almost a dramatic Led Zeppelin (think "Kashmir") angle to this, but it's also got plenty of Danzig and more in the mix. It's a fierce and classy tune.
Go Go Little One
Screaming hot and both catchy and fairly fierce, this thing rocks like crazy.
End Of Days
The bass on this is so cool. There is a raunch and roll, gritty edge to this. It almost feels like a more metal version of something The Doors might have done. It's so cool.
Of Love Of Hate Of Pain
A driving, punky grind is on the menu here. This is another fierce one.
Bleeding Love
Here we get another driving rocker that has a lot of that Danzig kind of thing at play.
The Waiting (A Token Of Your Death)
This has more of a Goth vibe to it. It's another strong tune. It has some more of that Danzig thing, too. It's another classy tune.
Don't Mind The Pain
More of a driving metal concept is on the menu here. This has some particularly tasty guitar work built into it. Overall it's another cool catchy rocker.
I Am Screaming (But Nobody Hears)
This has a real magic and sense of mystery to it, leaning on the cinematic side. It's a slower grind and has some unique bass work. This also has plenty of noisy sound. Yet, it's also melodic and rather art-rock-like. It's an intriguing entry.
Long Cool Woman
Here they turn the Hollies classic into a metal styled jam. There is a definite Goth angle to some of the vocals on this. This works surprisingly well in this format. It's quite an interesting way to end the album.
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