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Diamond Head

Live in Portland, Oregon, August 2017

Review by Larry Toering

The prospect of getting out to see Diamond Head is something I’ve passed up on in the past, but has left me curious enough to bite on this time. I’m glad I did because they put on a remarkably awesome show that might even rival the freshness of their early days. They sound brand new somehow, yet most the songs are old. They’ve gone through changes, and I did not know what to expect from this front man, Rasmus Bom Andersen.  Still, he made the show worth seeing just as much as the only original member did. It was like a combo of new and old sounds, smoothed over by their enthusiasm and drive to play. This resulted in standing up to anyone out there today, as well as their own legacy.
It was awesome to see, as every second of the show kept me on my toes. The entire place was reacting the same whenever I took the time to look back on the crowd. Their latest album Diamond Head, is only their seventh over the years and first to feature this singer, and he actually-makes it all just right on stage as well.  Top that off with Brian Tatler’s signature guitar playing, and you get an amazing show at a very good price. This isn’t like going out to see an old band, regardless of the amount of old material.

Larry Toering
Larry Toering
The singer flat out blew me away with a left hook I was not expecting, and their hardcore fans seemed to respond. I hope they’re getting that response wherever they play. The show went for only eight dollars and was worth a twenty to thirty-dollar ticket price. I got a chance to catch up with the promoter, David C. Jones, but I forgot to say "thanks," so this is as good an opportunity to do that. The venue is one of the nicest in town, and he works a show with the best of them.

Larry Toering
Larry Toering
I am always impressed and inclined to follow the buzz whenever I see that a band is bringing as much new as they are old to what they’re doing. These guys check out in that department, so I’m all-the more on board with the living, breathing Diamond Head.

Larry Toering
Larry Toering
If you’re getting out to see them, expect their “Am I Evil” bit to be remaining intact while they play newer and older numbers alike by knocking just the right amount of dust off them. If that can be done, then they’re doing it. They are bringing their A-game with no stops in sight. Not everyone I’ve been out to see this summer are bringing half same effort and those bands are charging three to five times for it.

Larry Toering
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