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War of Words - The Film

Review by Gary Hill

For my money you just can’t go wrong with Rob Halford. He’s the greatest vocalist in the history of metal in my opinion – possibly in all of rock. So, I’ve pretty much followed everything he’s done. His band Fight was cool, and I’d have to say that while I like A Small Deadly Space a lot, too, War of Words was my favorite album by them.  With that in mind, I was definitely looking forward to this release – and for the most part it (to paraphrase Halford from Judas Priest) “delivered the goods.” Don’t get me wrong, this DVD is not perfect, but it is definitely great.

There are three parts here. The first is a documentary. This tells the story of the band through footage shot at the time and a lot of interview clips with Halford that are more recent. While true Fight and Halford fanatics probably won’t find a lot of shocking revelations here, the vintage footage and inside story are definitely worth having.

Next up we get a concert film. Here’s where the only real issues come in. The film is a compilation of video from a number of shows and this sort of plays with the sense of completeness a bit. The other problem with this portion is that the audio is sometimes not synched all that well with the video. Still, just having the live footage of this material is well worth the price of admission. So, while I wish a better job had been done here, this definitely feeds the Fight addiction. 

Finally we get a number of short items that make up the third part of this DVD. These include a live performance, a trailer for a Halford live film and a few promotional videos. These are all good and just the added incentive to pick this up. I’d say that I find the DVD to be very satisfying, but it also leaves me wishing it had gone that little extra mile towards perfection. I’ll take what I’ve got and thrust my fist happily into the air, though.

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