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The Who

Live at the Isle of Wight Festival 1970 (2006 Edition) DVD

Review by Gary Hill

You have to love the labels. It seems like a virtual epidemic going on of labels releasing an item and then re-releasing a superior version a couple years (or even months) later. This really looks like the company is milking the fans for all they can get. This way those who rushed out and got the original version because they simply had to have it wind up having to shell out their cash for the same item again. Well, such is the case here. This is a better version, though. It is improved with the addition of two bonus tracks and a widescreen format. That second part is perhaps the most important factor. It's obvious in comparing the two that there is material seen here that was not visible the first time around. The truth is, this is a great video. It just seems like it would have been more helpful had they released both versions at the same time with a slightly higher price tag on this one. That way people could choose which one they wanted. The truth is, completists would have gotten both anyway. The rest of us would get the one we preferred right at the start and not find ourselves putting out money to buy a nearly identical item to one we already own. Long and short of it – this is a great DVD, but I'm not sure it's worth the upgrade if you already own the first version. If you don't have that one, then by all means pick this up. It's a great concert showcasing a legendary band at the height of their career.

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