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Steve Howe

Classic Rock Legends DVD

Review by Bruce Stringer

Classic Rock Legends has released a series of 1980-90's concerts on video (and now DVD) for fans to enjoy over and over again. Some of their catalogue simply smells like old rockers trying to cash in on reunion gigs, yet thankfully there have been a few notable quality releases. The Steve Howe documentary is a great example of what a music documentaries should be. The DVD includes a history that Steve, himself, tells seated in his studio and it is definitely a pity that there are not many other visual representations for other artists. (Just imagine Jeff Beck demonstrating how he played his favourite pieces while telling his own story!)

A brief history discussing his early, formative years on the guitar take in his influences like the incredible Les Paul and the 60's song writing sensation of the Byrds and the Beatles. Then we are taken into the world of Yes, where Steve discusses his involvement from day one.

There is a deconstruction of the song Yours Is No Disgrace; the guitar themes which created the composition and points of arrangement. We are shown Steve, once again in his studio, yet this time inter-cut with a rare live performance of Yes playing the track live in 1970. I had often found his playing to be a little fumbly, yet I am convinced that he is best suited to this type of seamless studio style performance where visual reference demonstrates just how difficult some of his work really is.

If you've ever wanted to know exactly how he played the guitar introduction to Roundabout then look no further. Here, Mr. Howe will set you straight as he plays it with such elegance and ease. Featured also is a live performance of Clap, seeing Steve play with his usual animated excitement, and other Yes tid-bits. How many guitars does this guy have?

Steve talks us through his personal highlights throughout his Yes years, leading up to my personal favourite Yes album, Drama then into Asia and GTR before finally returning to the more recent Yes Union line-up and his Spanish guitar inspiration. It is interesting to note that this production was recorded just before Union, so Steve's words are quite insightful concerning his approach to the project.

It's great to see this guitar great show us how he does it, although at times he seems to believe his own hype a little too much (- only joking, Steve!). This is a great article for any Yes fan or budding prog-rock guitar maestro.

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