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Steve Vai

Where The Wild Things Are DVD

Review by Larry Toering

There are two things about this two DVD set that come to mind instantly while reviewing it. One, Steve Vai, although always being an acquired taste for me, is one amazing virtuoso, and two being the fact this doesn't let listeners down, but might be slightly less satisfying for viewers of live concert material concerning him. Whether or not that is true for everyone, I can't say, but that is how I both hear and see this. First of all, he has so much going on it's crazy, and the line-up on it is second to none, with amazing amounts of talent on stage. But it gets kind of hard here and there to follow the visual aspects, but what you hear is still over the top with awesomeness. So you know very well it's great stuff and the audience got off on it. That also brings a little concern when it comes to other guys in the band. But when it comes to the main figure on stage, the coverage does deliver a maximum dose for the viewer. So, one must not let the lack of coverage of the rest stop them from checking this out at all. Still, it's just a hard thing to deny this, once you do watch it. In getting past these things, what's left is an absolutely outstanding product, with a track list that goes the distance and really helps sell it in my opinion. But to be honest, it could have been done better in the production department, as indicated already. The overall consensus is that this is still great, and not short in length either, so overall I think fans get their money's worth from it. Vai is one killer sight to behold if that is your thing, and it's hard to find a flaw in his performance here. Whether or not you compare other videos to it, the material speaks for itself and that is different enough that it comes recommended for any fan of primarily instrumental guitar work. It was recorded in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and if you like interviews, you will also take away plenty of satisfaction as well. It has several good things going for it in the bonus feature department, and that is just one of them. On top of that this also features the commentary version, which is always a little too busy for me. Still, lovers of this will certainly enjoy it, as Vai explains it all very well in a narrative fashion.

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