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Jon Anderson

Interviewed by Gary Hill

Interview with Jon Anderson from 2018


I know I did an interview with you for Poetry of the Air, but in terms of Music Street Journal, I think it's been about seven years or so since we interviewed you. Can you give the readers a bit of a "highlights reel" of what's been going on in the world of Jon Anderson?

Constant music on many levels, touring the known world, writing stories, paining, learning new forms of music....always open to work with people....very excited about the future.
MSJ: I've really dug a couple of the collaborative projects you've done in recent years, and I'm wondering if there are plans for revisits to them. The first of those is the Anderson Ponty Band. When I interviewed Jean-Luc Ponty recently he said that the two of you were open to more collaboration, but that there were no plans at the moment. Have ideas emerged recently?

Jean-Luc just performed on my latest venture, "1,000 Hands," so we are always in touch. When the time allows, I'm sure we will sing together. He sings with his violin, don't you know...

MSJ: What about Anderson-Stolt? Any chance of hearing more from that project soon?
We are writing the next album now - expecting to release in 2020...all very wonderful ideas spinning around.
MSJ: I know the whole Rock Hall experience was a long time coming. How was the experience?
Totally amazing! I was very moved by so many people congratulating me. It was just great to be recognized, and my beautiful wife "Janee" stole the show. She looked like an angel. So many people came to speak with her...and loved her "style."
MSJ: What's the best thing that's ever been said about your music?
It will last forever...
MSJ: What's ahead for you?

Everything is possible these days. The creative doors are wide open.

MSJ: Do you think that illegal downloading or streaming of music is a help or hindrance to the careers of musicians?
As long as music is heard, I don't mind at all how!
MSJ: In a related question, how do you feel about fans recording shows and trading them or posting them online?
It's no problem for me.
MSJ: If you were a superhero, what music person would be your arch nemesis and why?
Darth Vader, 'Cause I'm Obiwan...
MSJ: What was the last CD you bought and/or what have you been listening to lately?
I constantly listen to Sibelius...the great. Plus, I'm always enjoying world music - totally fascinating.
MSJ: Have you read any good books lately?
The Art of Racing in the Rain...a miracle of a book...
MSJ: What about the last concert you attended for your enjoyment?
Rickie Lee Jones - she is a gem!
MSJ: Do you remember your first concert you attended?
The Beatles Southport, UK, April 1963
MSJ: Have you come across any new gear recently that you love?
Omnisphere is unique and forever....
MSJ: Do you have a musical “guilty pleasure?”
My 19th Century Spanish guitar
MSJ: What has been your biggest Spinal Tap moment?
When I ran to meet the guitar player who arrived at NAMM 15 years ago, just to say, "Hi," and his bouncer pushed me out of the way. Such is stardom...LA LA LA
MSJ: If you could sit down to dinner with any three people, living or dead, for food and conversation, with whom would you be dining?
Yogananda, Sibelius and the great Spike Milligan
MSJ: What would be on the menu?
Lots of wine...and various finger food.
MSJ: Are there any closing thoughts you would like to get out there?

Love is everything, and everything is love.


MSJ: This interview is available in book format (hardcover and paperback) in Music Street Journal: 2018  Volume 1 at
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