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Dirty Rig

Interviewed by Greg Olma
Interview with Buckshot of Dirty Rig from 2006

MSJ: This interview is available in book format (hardcover and paperback) in Music Street Journal: 2006 Volume 4 at

How did Kory Clarke become a member?
Our old singer, Ed, he bailed on us. Basically, he wouldn't show up for a couple of shows and we're like "screw this guy". We kicked him out. Then I went to go see Kory. He was playing. He had like a Warrior Soul reunion in New York City. So I went to see the show because I'm a big Warrior Soul fan. We were hanging out with him; drinking beers. We went back downstairs after the show; I was pretty drunk by then. I got in his face and [said] "dude, you gotta check out my band. We're looking for a new singer. I want you in my band." He's like "who the f*** are you?" It was pretty funny. So my friend from Metal Edge is like "his band is pretty good; you should check them out." He's like "all right." So 2 weeks later he calls me up and he goes "man, I really dug the material you gave me." So he came out to the studio and we wrote "Suck It" that night. It's been going really well ever since then.
MSJ: Did you have most of the record written before he came in or did he contribute also?
No, we had maybe 3 songs written before he came in. That was just the music. He put all his lyrics on there. He wrote 4 songs with us. He's a good song writer.
MSJ: Who are your main influences?
I like Kiss, Aerosmith, and AC/DC; the old school. AC/DC is my favorite band. My guitar player's is Kiss. That's his all time favorite band. We just take all rock elements. My other favorite band is Pantera so you get the heaviness on that too. I try to keep it as much as rock 'n' roll as possible.
MSJ: Now that your CD is done and is ready to be released, what are your plans?
We just filmed a video last night. That's why I'm all hung over. Twelve hours is a long day of drinking. We just did a video for Headbanger's Ball and Uranium and stuff like that. We're doing a bunch of regional shows right now. We're trying to focus on the east coast right now; attacking those markets. Then on September 13th we go to Europe to tour over there. Then I want to go back to the studio. We've already got the next record pretty much written, so I want to go into the studio end of November-December to start recording that.
MSJ: Will you do a full US tour?
Not this one. Probably just doing 50-60 shows. I think the farthest out west we'll go is Chicago-Detroit area.
MSJ: There is a DVD with the CD. Whose idea was it to include that cool extra?
That was my idea. I'm a big fan of that. You know how it is. You go into your favorite record store and you buy your favorite record; and here is whatever, a poster with it. You're like" f*** yeah!" I love it. I wish I could bring back vinyl dude. With CDs, the artwork is so small. I just think it's important to give the fans, as a collector myself, some added value.
MSJ: What was the last CD you purchased?
Actually, I just got the new Buckcherry record. I'm really into that. I just bought Night In The Ruts. I never had that on CD. I only had it on vinyl and cassette. I was flipping through the record rack and I found it. I didn't have it on CD so I had to buy it. Bullets and Octane; I just picked up that. [They are a] new band on RCA. I got Queen's Stone Cold Classics. A new band called Priestess; I just bought that. My CD collection is about 4,000 CD's. I have everything from jazz, hip-hop, to mostly metal and rock. I used to play saxophone in jazz band too. I love jazz and all that good stuff.
MSJ: What was the last concert you attended as a fan?
I can't remember. I haven't been to a concert in a while. I've been so busy. Actually, we just went to see Cactus play about a week ago.
MSJ: Is that the progressive band?
Yeah, with Carmine Appice in it from the 70's. The guys from Vanilla Fudge. They played at B.B. King's.
MSJ: What is your favorite Spinal Tap moment in Dirty Rig?
Well, we didn't open up for any puppet show yet. Hahaha. That's a good question. I guess our Spinal Tap moment is we always leave stuff behind at the venue. I can't really think of anything bad that's happened to us. Our amps have blown up on stage. We always leave our amps or guitars at the venue. We've always got to go back. We just got a sound guy who is going on the road with us and I was like "dude, when we go to Europe, make sure we have our guitars with us."
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