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Interviewed by Mike Korn
Interview With Kittie's Mercedes Lander from 2002

MSJ: You guys just got back from Europe. How did things go for you over there?
It was awesome. We played four outside dates over there, we played Wacken in Germany and totally ripped it up.
MSJ: Was there any difference in the European response of you?
I think European metal fans are a lot more enthusiastic and a lot less fickle than American fans. They definitely go crazy in the pit!
MSJ: They seem to be more knowledgeable...
Yeah, definitely...
MSJ: Did you ever imagine that you would someday be playing places like Paris, London, Germany?
Oh, of course not! We were a garage band for a really long time. We're from a really small town so we never thought that any of this stuff would happen. It still seems unreal to me but I try not to think about it, though.. I don't want to overanalyze things - that's when trouble starts.
MSJ: This tour was kind of a trial by fire for your new bass player Jennifer. How did she work out?
She's amazing. We love her to death. She's one of the most amazing bass players I've ever seen in my entire life. We're so happy that we've got a bass player that's actually happy to be in the band now.
MSJ: Was it a long process to select her? Or was she pretty much on the top of your list?
We knew her from way before. Her old band played with our band on Farmclub and we always knew she was an amazing bass player. We always kind of kept her in the back of our heads. We remained friends and kept in touch and when the time came, she was the first person we called.
MSJ: Now that "Oracle" has been out a while, what's your opinion of the response to it?
There's a lot of people that I didn't think would like the album who actually wound up liking it. That really makes me happy. It's a brutal album. I love it to death. It's definitely our greatest accomplishment so far. I'm very proud of it.
MSJ: It seems to be more focused than your debut "Spit"...
Well, "Spit" was almost seven years old. It was a different period in our life. Yeah, things are more focused now...
MSJ: One track that was really unusual on "Oracle" was "Pink Lemonade", which was very slow and very long. What was the impetus for that track?
(laughs) Well, we definitely wanted to have a song that was more than four minutes long! We just wanted to do a real doom song, basically!
MSJ: Your cover of Pink Floyd's "Run Like Hell" was really well received. Are you planning on any more covers?
I doubt that. Maybe we'll put out an album that's all Cannibal Corpse stuff...(giggles) I don't really think covers are for us. We enjoy playing and writing our own material.
MSJ: Have you ever thought of going to the opposite extreme of "Pink Lemonade", doing a song that just thrashes from start to finish?
Oh, of course, of course! We did have a chance to do it on "Oracle" but we were really limited for time. Maybe down the road. There's lots and lots of possibilities. I think the only way we can get on our next record is heavier...
MSJ: I heard one of your big influences was Nile...
Oh yeah, dude! We toured with them a long time ago. Those guys are really cool.
MSJ: You say your next album will probably be heavier. Do you see yourself adding something else to the mix, like different instruments or some vocal tricks?
Maybe! There's always the possibility of doing something cool like that.
MSJ: Have you ever thought about branching off to do side projects?
We've talked about it a little but we've got a lot of work to do with Kittie, to build up our own reputation...
MSJ: What was the last CD you got?
I just got something by a band called Figure Four from Winnipeg, they're really good. I also got the newest Coalesce CD...
MSJ: What was the last concert you saw?
I went to go see Hatebreed, Ensign and Figure Four a few days ago.
MSJ: I could easily see you doing a show with Hatebreed.
Oh yeah, those guys are totally cool, we've been friends with them for a long time.
MSJ: Have you guys ever had what you would call a Spinal Tap moment?
(laughs) We've had SOOOO many Spinal Tap moments. I remember one time when we were in England and the dressing room was in the same building as the stage. You had to go through an absolute maze of hallways. We wound up getting lost at least twice. We were trying to find the stage and we couldn't do it!
MSJ: Don't take it too hard, I've had a lot of bands tell me similar stories! Any tour plans in the immediate future?
We're going to go out with Shadows Fall, Killswitch Engage and Poison the Well. That will start in late July...
MSJ: Any last words?
Come see us play!
MSJ: This interview is available in book format (hardcover and paperback) in Music Street Journal: 2002 Year Book Volume 3 at
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