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Interviewed by Arnold Hablewitz
Interview With Nonpoint's Elias From 2005

MSJ: This interview is available in book format (hardcover and paperback) in Music Street Journal: 2005 Year Book Volume 4 at

First some background info. Where you guys from? How'd you meet, and where'd you get your start?
We're all based out of Ft. Lauderdale. We met, and it was kind of two bands coming together. Rob and I were in Nonpoint for a little while; for almost 3 or 4 months before we met Andy and Ken, who were in another band called Fuse. We were having creative differences with our guitar player and bass player, so we asked Andy and Ken if they wanted to jam with us, and first day we were together we wrote to songs, which was pretty cool. Ever since then, we've just been writing music, building up our fanbase, working on our mailing list, getting that together, and just pretty much playing shows down here in south Florida.
MSJ: How did you get hooked up with MCA?
We wanted to keep it as dynamic as possible; it's gonna give us the opportunity to be able to grow. Ya know, we just try to keep the dynamics in the music.
MSJ: I am not too fond of rap music, but I gotta say that I believe "Tribute" is definitely one of the best and heaviest tunes of the CD. How did you guys come to the decision to remake those songs like that?
That song's actually about three years old. When I first joined the band, a lot of my influence…I really wasn't into the rock/metal scene, and my influences were mostly rap and hip-hop. It was just a fun song that we put together. I had those three verses that I thought of just putting together, and the guys threw music over I, and it kinda just made itself I guess (laughing).
MSJ: Is "What A Day" based on a true story?
Is "What A Day" based on a true story? E: No…well sorta. Yeah it is. It's not based on MY true story. A friend of mine told me a horrible story about how he got wasted one night and actually had to ask somebody for a ride home. He said he reminded him of his stepfather and so he trusted him, and he ended up passing out in the car and he got him to sit on a park bench and he couldn't wake up to tell him where he lived. (laughter throughout) So it coulda been a lot worse and I just sorta elaborated on the story a little.
MSJ: Are the majority of your lyrics based off personal experience?
Yeah, I'd pretty much have to say that all of 'em except "What a Day", and uh
MSJ: Tribute?
Yeah, that and "What a Day" are the only two songs [that are not based off personal experience]. All the other ones are either ex-girlfriend songs, ex-friend songs, or music about being out on the road and stuff like that.
MSJ: What is the significance of the name Nonpoint?
Actually, Nonpoint the name is derived from…well, ya see. Andy and I were in a shop class once, and we used to have this teacher named Mr. McGrady, and you know the shop teacher with the missing fingers? Well, we had one of them! (laughter) And he had this nub, and whenever we were, ya know, screwin' around in class and stuff he would point at us with that nub and yell at us and [it was like] "Man, he's givin' ya the nonpoint!" (laughter) So it kinda stuck…

MSJ: What is the high point of your career thus far?
Probably sharing a stage with Deftones and Stone Temple Pilots at Zadafest…well, actually there's two points I guess. That, standing in front of 35,000 people, jumpin' around and screamin' was a wonderful thing, and walkin' into a store and seein' your CDs. I guess that was the highpoint. Having my own little…you know, the all the dividers and all the CDs
MSJ: Yeah, being able to say "Hey this is my divider!"
Exactly, and it says "Nonpoint" on it!"
MSJ: Most bands have had what we call a Spinal Tap moment at least once. What would you consider was your Spinal Tap moment?
We got lost at the…I forgot what theater it was. I think it was the Norva theater in Memphis. In the theater, in the back, I couldn't find the dressing rooms so I walked around for about ten or fifteen minutes and then just got so frustrated I just went in the van. The guys were up there somewhere I just couldn't find them. So I guess that's my "Spinal Tap" moment. (laughter)  

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