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Warrior Soul

Interviewed by Greg Olma
Interview with Kory Clarke of Warrior Soul From 2006

MSJ: This interview is available in book format (hardcover and paperback) in Music Street Journal: 2006 Volume 3 at

How did the Warrior Soul reissues come about?
I've been looking for a really good, stable label to put stuff out. Those records deserve to be out. They kind of disappeared from the record shelves over the last couple of years and I thought "I should put these things back out." I'm in a band that's got major distribution; gonna have an MTV video. I better put these suckers back out because people are going to be curious. I had a deal set up with a label in England, I can't remember the name, but they over-stretched themselves and they couldn't give me the guarantee that I needed. These guys in Stockholm said "hey man, we really love your band and we want to put this stuff out." They gave me a very fair price for it. I signed a really long term contract with them so those records would be out there.
MSJ: How would you respond if someone said that the current political landscape makes these albums even more relevant?
I agree. Everything I said happened. I read, oddly enough. Ha. It doesn't take much to put it together. You know what I mean. If anybody thinks that the President is in control of the situation he is vastly, vastly mistaken.
MSJ: Which release would you recommend for a new Warrior Soul fan and why?
That's a good question. Wow. You know, I would have to say, you really have to start with number one. You have to start with Last Decade. You kind of have to work your way through it. I tell you what; you have to understand that remastering this thing was a huge eye opener for me. I really realized this evolution that happened over a 5 year period. I still think, you'll think I'm crazy, I think the last album is the best one. I like them increasingly as they go along. I think all of them have their merits. The one I play the most is Space Age Playboys. But I love Chill Pill too.
MSJ: Where did the bonus tracks for the reissues come from?
On the first one? I can't remember if it's Paris or the Limelight. One is from the Limelight. I think from the second album. But each album, the bonus tracks that are on there, are from the period of the album being released; within months, maybe within weeks of the album release. What I wanted to do was give people a flavor of what the live feel was at the time.
MSJ: What are your plans for your new project Dirty Rig?
We release on June 27th. We're going to radio right now so we're getting added. We're making that move. If you could do me a favor; buy that f**kin' record on the 27th of June. I'm gonna get more money from the record label. We're working on an MTV video. We're shooting on the 29th of this month. If we could just get 3,000 units out the door in the first week, I'm gonna get another $50,000 for promotion.
MSJ: Are there any plans for a US tour?
Of course. But the thing is, we have to break 3 markets. Once we break 3 markets, we can move. Right now, I'm going with the old strategy. The way Aerosmith did it. The way Kiss did it. Get the markets going crazy and then you can move out because then everybody wants you. It's the old school style and Dirty Rig is the "new" old school.
MSJ: What was the last CD you purchased?
I bought two Fu Manchu records about two months ago. I think they're great. I know that they are blatantly f**kin' robbing Sabbath from hell but I just like the way they produce stuff. I like their attitude. I've got a new band called The Stoned that I'm producing and playing drums. I'm doing like a Butch Vig Garbage kind of thing with this thing. I've got a lead singer called Scotty T. Dimebaga. He's from Detroit and he's a mess. He's awesomely messed. He's got great songs and we've been co-writing. I'm producing that and that's coming out in the fall.
MSJ: What was the last concert you attended as a fan?
Let's see. I've been seeing a lot of local bands. The last thing, my friend was playing with Beck, I went to see him a couple of months ago. He's playing bass. He got me tickets and we hung out. It was cool. That was a great show; very creative.
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