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Review by Eric Meli

Strippop is a three member band from Italy whose music ranges from a melodic Beatles style to a Siouxsie and the Banshees kind of sound, with some R.E.M. and other influences mixed in. Factory is an enjoyable CD that you shouldn't get tired of quickly. For more information check out the band’s myspace site.

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Track by Track Review
There is a nice melody and rhythm to this one.
Boy Down
An energetic track, this shows a kind of a Bauhaus influence.
Here we have a mellow song that shows off their Strippop’s talent.
I Sing on Your Radio
This track has kind of an Oasis sound that really draws you in.
You Can Tell
One of the more popish sounding songs on this CD, this is still a good song though.
This song reminds me of New Order with some ‘60’s psychedelia thrown in.
I And God
Another slow track, this is kind of reminiscent of U2’s Joshua Tree stuff, with a smooth melody that draws you into the song.
All Around
There is a nice mellow groove to this cut also, and it’s a really nice song.
There’s kind of a Nirvana sound on this track, only softer.
This one also has a bit of a Nirvana influence to it only with a harder sound than the last one.
This track's a bit of a pop-rocker and quite a good song.
Never Want to Be Loved
The disc’s last cut is a nicely done slow track with a haunting sound to it.
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