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re: free

Review by Josh Turner

The songs are about as long as an aircraft carrier and in some ways better than the original strip whereas the album is shorter all-around. Taken from the initial messenger’s material, they downsize to something that’s leaner and meaner. In total, we get three pieces to nosh on: That would be “Go,” “Kicking,” and “Home Was Good.” Plus, the brunch is rounded out with a complementary dessert. Read on to learn of this special boon.

Personally, I hadn’t anticipated a release of regurgitated material. While it seems as if we’ve been involuntarily signed up for the bucket list, what we are served is far from un-ambitious. Actually, these are the best cutlets to come from the prototype, and they’re twice cooked. Mixed upon the countertop, Iron Chef Kevin Moore adds quite a bit of embellishment to his award-winning plates from Free.

I would recommend this album to fans of Planet P Project or Chroma Key.  If you can tolerate OSI with a dance beat, you’re close to intercepting the unsolicited feedback from their former broadcast. It may seem as if this automated response was completely unnecessary. Then again, I’m impressed with what I’ve heard and can vouch for the fact that it’s not spam. Rest assured! When you submit your order, you too will find that the transaction checks out.

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Track by Track Review
As if we’ve found ourselves at the mercy of a Creepshow, “La Cucaracha” pours from the walls and bores into our heads. I’m being sincere when I state that aspects of this song sound like that childish tune. For this reason, I may like this transformation least. Fortunately, the more expensive ingredients are rescued from its roach infested base.

With less zest than the primordial goods, it’s still intriguing nonetheless; mostly because the raw materials are vastly different when broiled. To a degree, this version pilfers from the pantries of Nine Inch Nails and Rob Zombie.

Home Was Good
A tasty marinade is used in this ratatouille stew. The savory broth takes that plain dish up a notch.
Bonus Video: Free
Also included on the disc is this bonus video. Since this is OSI’s most accessible song, it makes sense to deploy it as a promotional film. While it’s pro bono, it still provides an effective defense. This goes to prove that moderation can lead to a windfall. Had there been more tracks, they may not have allowed enough room for this feature presentation.
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