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Splintered Skies

Review by Greg Olma

I just recently got turned onto a new band out of Illinois called Sacred Dawn and now I get this release. Meyvn is an outfit from Texas and like Sacred Dawn, play a harder prog metal that leaves them in a field out on their own. Not many bands play this style, leaving Dream Theater to waive the flag. Sacred Dawn, and now Meyvn are flying that flag also. If you took the heavier elements of Dream Theater, added a little thrash and a little euro power metal, then you would wind up with Meyvn. The vocalist, Rick Clark, has quite the set of pipes and the rest of the guys definitely know their way around their instruments. If you like Dream Theater’s Train Of Thought, then this one will be right up your alley.

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Track by Track Review
How Far We Fall
The intro has a heavy Dream Theater sound but as it continues, the song moves into euro power metal territory. Clark sings in an almost operatic vocal but still heavy. He reminds me of Bruce Dickinson, not in sound but in style.
This cut sounds a little bit more modern metal with prog metal mixed in. The vocals are more aggressive and for some reason the overall song reminds me of Megadeth. It has some thrash elements and at times is really heavy due to the riffing.
A “Mr. Crowley” keyboard intro starts off this tune that has a great groove and would fit nicely on a Dream Theater CD. Even the vocal delivery is very James LaBrie-ish. It is a long song (one of many here) but it moves along and never gets boring. These guys have got the art of writing long songs down.
Answer Me
The intro is really long and I thought this was going to be an instrumental. It’s a heavy tune with some great riffing in it. They mix things up by playing a verse a little slower but then kicking in with the heavy riffing again.
Future Untold
The intro has a Styx like sound in it but quickly turns into an epic rocker. The vocal work and musicianship is top notch throughout. I have listened to this album for a few weeks and each day I pick a different favorite but I keep going back to this one every time I only have few minutes to listen to music.
One World
Here is where the band shows off their chops. The track is over 11 minutes long and each member gets to show his stuff (not necessarily in a solo format). The bass and drums are solid and seem to be able to do time changes effortlessly. The guitars go from heavy riffing to shredding solos and overall this is a showpiece for the band.
Heavy riffing is the main focus here but the keyboards add a nice touch when thrown on top. The chorus is a bit pedestrian for these guys but it still works. Just when you think the song is over, the tune takes a left turn only to return to the initial riffing. If I had to choose my least favorite, this cut would be it but that is only because of all the other strong material on this record.
Furnulum Pani Nolo
This is a nice acoustic guitar piece that has a Spanish sound to it. It gives your ears a little reprieve from the metal that is the rest of the album.
Power of Fear
I think this would be the single on the CD probably because it is the only song that is less than 4 minutes. That doesn’t mean that it is commercial but the guitars are “lighter” on this cut and it has more of a euro metal sound.
Let Loose the Dogs
The intro has an epic feel but as the piece builds, it contains heavy parts (the chorus) and softer Rush-like parts (the verses). It ends so suddenly that you almost can’t tell where this ends and “In Whose Name” begins.
In Whose Name
Dream Theater is the name of the game here. The chorus is really catchy to the point that I wish it was longer. This is a great way to end the disc.
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