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Archetypes and Repetition

Review by Greg Olma

I’m lucky enough to get new music to review because a lot of the stuff that passes through my CD player might never have gotten to me otherwise. Radio in Chicago is not what it used to be (I remember hearing Def Leppard’s On Through The Night in it its entirety when it first came out) and a new band will have a hard time getting on the airwaves other than a college station. And the web has such a large amount of music; it would take years to sift through just a portion of what is out there. What I’m trying to get at is that Deepfield are one of those bands that deserve to be successful. They have all right ingredients from modern soulful vocals to catchy music. The album is mainly rock, not metal, and has a no nonsense feel about it. The songwriting is as good as anything that radio picks up. These rockers from South Carolina are onto something with this release. I have to admit that at first, I wasn’t that impressed but as the songs continued, I kept getting more and more into it. I also have to give the band credit by only releasing 40 minutes of music. This is the perfect length for the disc; all meat, no fillers. Now that they’ve got me hooked, I can’t wait for the next release.

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Track by Track Review
“Innocence” is only a 30 second intro for the next track. It is just a piano and vocal song and really it is over before it starts.
44 Teeth
The album proper really kicks in with a giant distorted guitar riff that sets to mood for this rocker. Parts of the song remind me of Soundgarden, especially at the chorus. It’s a great way to start the album.
Get It
This one is similar to “44 Teeth” but moves along a little quicker. It’s the shortest cut (aside from “Innocence”) but it also is one of the catchiest tunes here.
I like it when bands pull the better elements from past genres. Here, the guys pull a little bit of alternative rock and mix in some new wave vocals styles in the beginning and create something new with it. There is also a cool bridge in this track and it’s nice to see the use of piano to add color to the whole package. There is no reason this shouldn’t be a hit single.
Fall Apart
Acoustic guitar starts off this commercial rocker that reminds me of the Goo Goo Dolls. This one also has hit single written all over it and it has that pop sensibility without being wimpy.
The Bleeding
This is another acoustic track but it builds into quite a rocker. It has a little bit of a power ballad structure (sorry, I hate to use that term because of the negative connotation) but by no way is it as cheezy. College radio should be all over this cut making it a hit.
Into the Flood
Now we get another rocker that has a great catchy chorus. This one used to be my favorite on the album but another song has knocked it down to the #2 position.
Your Forever
I can hear a Beatles vibe on this but with a much more updated sound. If you listen closely, there is a lot going on here. I think that this song deserves multiple listens and that might be slightly due to the fact that I don’t feel it quite fits in with the rest of the material. It’s kind of the odd man out but it’s a quality tune nonetheless.
The Silence
This one has a southern rock guitar sound that again pulls something different into the mix. The chorus goes back into straight ahead rock territory but even the guitar solo has that cool southern rock twang.
Dead Horse (The Love Between Us)
The vocals and some of the music have a Stone Temple Pilots influence. Of all the tunes here, this one is the weakest link but that being said, it is still a good song. It’s just that everything else is really, really good.
The band slow things down a little with this acoustic guitar driven cut that builds as it moves along. It is a bit of a ballad but it still rocks. Just listen to the guitar solo for proof of that.
Don't Let Go
I can’t believe that this tune is at the end of the disc. It is either brilliant or sheer lunacy to have a cut this good at the end. The only reason I can see for this to be last is because it is so good that it will make you want to replay the CD over again right away. Hands down, this is the best song on the record. It rocks with a chorus that will have you singing it for days. I would buy this album on the strength of this track along.
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