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Beautiful Creatures


Review by Greg Olma

Bang Tango never got the credit that they deserved but as they say in business, timing is everything. They came out during the saturation period of glam/hair metal and got lumped in with them. I always thought they had more in common with Guns n' Roses then Poison but their record company and MTV thought otherwise. Well, out of the ashes of Bang Tango rises Beautiful Creatures. This is their 2nd album and if you like Velvet Revolver, Guns n' Roses, or any stoner rock band, then you will love this. Joe Leste embodies rock n' roll and the rest of the band compliments his voice without standing in his shadow. Anthony Focx does a great production job making sure that everyone and everything is heard. This is a straight ahead rock without any frills.

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Track by Track Review
This is a straight ahead rock n' roll number very much in the Velvet Revolver vein. It's a great opener that sets the tone for the whole album.
Another great song that could have been the opening song of the CD. This one contains a really cool slow mid section (right before the guitar solo) that Guns n' Roses were so good at.
The chorus on this track has a nice 70's feel to it, almost a Black Crowes type of vibe. This is definitely one of the better cuts on the album.
Save Me
This piece contains some really nice guitar work but other than that, it is quite ordinary.
Some technology is added to make Joe Leste's voice sound evil which really adds to the song. This is a good rocker but not great.
This is the "anti-ballad" on the CD (or at least as close to a ballad that Beautiful Creatures is capable of). It's a slower song put to bitter "I hate you" type of lyrics. I recommend this song to anyone who has broken up with someone recently.
The band try some different sounds on this one but the number is rather ordinary. Compared to the other cuts on the album, this one falls flat.
Straight To Hell
This is a fast paced rocker that picks up the album nicely. I could definitely see this as the song they close their show with.
The Unknown
This is a nice acoustic intro that leads to "Ton of Lead."
Ton of Lead
This cut is heavily influenced by Black Sabbath and contains some good heavy riffing. Joe Leste does a really nice singing job on this track, instead of the "full on" performance he gives on the rest of the album.
Brand New Day
This is another Sabbath sounding number with a little Velvet Revolver thrown in. If you have ever heard of the band Fireball Ministry, then you know what I'm talking about. It's stoner rock with a contemporary edge to it.
This is another straight ahead rocker with a Bang Tango vibe. This would have been a great song to end the album with.
I Won't Be The One
There are elements of the Black Crowes in this slow ballad. This is a good song but it should not have been the last song on the album. This sort of leaves the listener on a somber note when that really isn't what the band is all about. This one would have worked better in the middle of the album.
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