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Non-Prog CD Reviews


Somewhere In Switzerland

Review by Gary Hill

The second album from Colorado`s Bodragaz, this release continues their musical mode focusing on the `70`s classic rock sound. This band is quite accomplished at that sound, and incorporating occasional progish leanings into it. As on the first album, Bodragaz really entertain.

Bodragaz is Michael Layer, Kevin Shaw, Jim Wescott, Jason Barnes, and Jason Davis. The band is joined on this release by several guest musicians.

Ordering info can be obtained at the website at .

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Track by Track Review
I Will Not Forget You
Starting off with keyboards, this cut has a bit of the feel of Buick Makane by T. Rex. "Somewhere there`s a page of my life, You and I together, Walking in the park, The course I`m on has taken me far away from you".
Peculiar People
A `70`s balladic sort of cut, this one has a poppish texture, perhaps a bit in the mode of Head East in the verses. However, the chorus seems to feel just a little like Cheap Trick.
She Smiled
This is a nicely paced, energetic pop rock cut.
Long Gone
A high-energy rocker with a Howeish guitar break, this is a solid tune. "You made it so hard, Missing the world without you, Now I begin to dream alone."
You're The One
You`re the One is a catchy midtempo pop rock track.
Eyes All Around
Percussion begins this piece, which takes on progish textures when the guitar comes in. This is a very strong composition, one of the best on the album. The number alternates between fast pace progish modes to hauntingly atmospheric tones, and the instrumental break feels quite a bit like early Asia.
What A Wonder
Acoustic guitar begins this track, and a funky texture takes over for a time when the bass line enters. The cut ends up adopting a nice classic rock texture in the `70`s tradition. This is a solid rock and roller that features quite a progish instrumental break.
While in the Garden
Garden is another solid rocker in that classic `70`s mode.
Feel The Sun
A bouncy rock song, this is a fun track. The vocal arrangement to this one is nice, and there is a guitar break with a very classic sound.
Will I Belong
A beautiful keyboard and acoustic guitar section begin this composition. These set the tone for the early segments of this poignant classic rock ballad. This is easily the strongest track on the album.
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