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Collective Soul


Review by Lisa Palmeno

Collective Soul's Dosage is definitely "collective"; the sum of the the parts make a very cohesive, coherent, and unified artistic piece. The CD is percussively unique overall, with many different sounds that would appeal to gen x'ers, but loaded with influences from the '70s on up.

Ed Roland's dreamy vocals, the disco/techno sound effects from the keyboards, and experimental edge define Collective Soul's sound. The album has good dance music, introspective ballads, soul-baring lyrics, and enough electronic variety to keep up with ELO.

Hendrix-like guitar riffs are thrown in, along with hearty smatterings from the power pop style of the punk era. Dosage is the epitome of alternative music with its genre crossing and fusing added to millenium antics.

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Track by Track Review
Tremble For My Beloved
This is a simple and fun rock love ballad supported by a techno intro., '80s influences, and dreamy-sounding vocals.
"Heavy"'s lyrics are very simple, yet effective along with a steady, unchanging snare and solid structure with nice metal influences on this piece that reflects its title.
No More No Less
Roland's Robert Plantish voice makes this easy-listening, mildly melancholy piece memorable. Childress' short-but-sweet solo mid-song adds variety, and poetic lyrics draw the listener in.
"Needs" is very pretty with an acoustic/vocal intro. A fabricated violin sound leads into a more deep, philosphical lyric. The sudden ending and jump back into a very nice coda works well.
A seriously alternative piece with lots of keyboard, '80s style, and again, the ethereal vocals that drive hauntingly repetitive verses and measures.
Dandy Life
This tune comes in like a reprise to "Slow", the song just before it, and has similar characteristics.
The acoustic approach lends itself to thoughtful ponderings and a slow, melodic mood on this tune.
"Generate" feels like its name; a totally techno introduction to the dance club-style song gives it an electic, almost robotic sound.
This a feature of the collection. "And there it goes my innocence, while gathering up a compliment." These lyrics are expressive and modern, exploring heartfelt emotions. The sustains on "the world out there" are excellent.
Not the One
"Not The One" is a highlight of the CD. It's a beautiful ballad of love unrequitted with a nice balance of vocals and instruments and skilled guitar work on the vamp.
"Crown" is yet another feature of the album. This song effectively relates the depth of the questions asked about the mysteries of the universe.
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