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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Forever Einstein

One Thing After Another

Review by Gary Hill

This is a very unique, creative and enchanting album. For fans of unusual guitar based instrumentals, this one is nearly a "must have". This album certainly contains some of the most unique (and longest) song titles you will ever see. Not necessarily what the usual image of prog is, this nonetheless shares enough common ground with the modern works of King Crimson to be included in the prog section of Music Street Journal.

Forever Einstein is C.W. Vrtacek, Jack Vees, and John L. Roulat. For ordering info or more info on this release or any of the other Cuneiform releases, visit their website at

This review is available in book format (hardcover and paperback) in Music Street Journal: The Early Years Volume 1 at

Track by Track Review
Big Sky Mind
Seeming to combine elements of rockabilly, guitar-based jazz and Steve Howe`s work into a cut that is strongly in the mode of more modern, guitar oriented King Crimson, this is a very entertaining cut. It even features a metallic segment.
The Girl With the Flame Maple Chest (and black walnut drawers)
This playful country twinged guitar based instrumental includes a nicely funky jazz based segment and some wonderful, intricate textural riffing.
Oh Lord, Please Bless This Rocket House And All Those Who Dwell Inside The Rocket House
Based in a modern Crimson mode, this one has a considerably quirky rhythm. Another fun number, it features a jazzy break.
Curly, Get The Ladder
his one is a quirky and entertaining composition.
Toy Boat Attacked By Toy Pirates on Real Water
Featuring leanings toward Steve Howe`s styles of music, this is another playful tune.
Maniacs From the Fourth Dimension
Fun, countrified music, this feels a bit like some of Mr. Howe`s solo work.
Bad Weather (Changed Our Plans)
More Crimsonesque music, this one starts with strong bass. It then evolves into an oddly textured piece with nice percussion, reverb and jazzish textures.
On A Bright Clear Day In January, 1965, We Went Walking Together
Beginning in very quirky jazzish tones, this solid jam eventually takes on more rock-oriented textures later.
Stand Back, You Bloated Museum of Treachery
"Stand Back..." is another nicely jazzy cut.
City of Industry/Garden Of Ruins
Basically two separate songs linked together, the number is another quirky modern Crimsonesque bit with great textures.
The Pancake Song
A very dynamic piece, this one begins with fun, off kilter guitar rock. Other segments of the piece showcase rockabilly and dramatic rock.
Hidden Track
This unlabeled piece is a very brief and jazzish composition.
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