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Calling All Stations

Review by Gary Hill

This album has been causing as much controversy among Genesis fans as Open Your Eyes has among Yes fans. Again many really like the album, while others hate it. I find that it has it`s up sides and it`s down sides. On the positive side, most of Calling All Stations is composed of very nice textural mood pieces, brought home very well by the emotional vocal stylings of Ray Wilson. At times this album seems to evoke a step back from the last few Genesis albums, calling up memories of And Then There Were Three to me. On the downside, there is a certain sameness to many of the songs on the album, particularly in the drum sounds and percussion lines. The full lineup for this one is Ray Wilson, Tony Banks and Michael Rutherford, with two guest drummers.

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Track by Track Review
Calling All Stations
This song begins with some crunchy, almost heavy metal sounding guitar work. This one in general is a very moody, textural song (typical of this album), with some very good and emotional vocal work. The percussion sound on this one reminds me quite a bit of Mama.
Starting off with a nice carribean/African tribal feel, Congo is another textural, moody piece that somewhat brings to mind And Then There Were Three, although the first break is more typical of newer Genesis. There are a few moments toward the end of the song that almost seem influenced by Peter Gabriel`s world music endeavors.
Although one of the weaker songs on the album, this one is pretty.
Alien Afternoon
This track is basically a Rock `N` Roller that begins with a very nice keyboard intro. All in all, a fun tune.
Not About Us
Although this one is somewhat new ground for Genesis, a good rock ballad, it is really nothing too unique in gneral. Contains some very nice acoustic guitar work, though.
If That`s What You Need
A fairly weak tune, this one reminds me quite a bit of Mike & the Mechanics.
The Dividing Line
Starting with an almost techno feel, this one evolves into a rather classic Genesis type song. Although it somewhat drags in the middle section, it recovers well, that recovery starting with a nice percussion break.
Uncertain Weather
Uncertain Weather is another nice textural piece with a definite older Genesis leaning.
Small Talk
This one is another nice Rock` N `Roller.
There Must Be Some Other Way
Here we have another well done moody song with a very nice classic Genesis styled instrumental break.
One Man`s Fool
Yet another nicely done moody track, this one progresses and builds into a definite classic Genesisesque song.
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