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Insane Clown Posse

Hell's Pit

Review by Patrick Hennen

OK, Juggalos and Juggalettes this is part 7 of the Mighty 6 Joker's Card series. Yes, I do realize how that sounds, let me bring this to a better light. ICP started with their "Carnival of Carnage" disc, this was Joker's card #1. On the linear notes for "Carnival" there is a statement that is written at the bottom of it: "There will be six faces of the Dark Carnival. After all six have risen, the end will consume us all." Since Carnage we had "The Riddle Box", "The Ringmaster", "The Great Milenko" and 'The Amazing Jeckel Brothers". This brings us to the 6th, "The Wraith". ICP had the idea to show both sides of the end so we have " Shangri-La" and "Hell's Pit". So, it should be quite obvious that the lyrics to this disc are some of the darkest lyrics that I have ever heard. The album also comes with a DVD live from the Wicked Wonka Tour as well as the final track "Real Underground Baby" there is also a booklet included that focuses on every Joker's Card one at a time. This is a very well done CD, the sound is quite polished from "Carnival of Carnage" to now. It's great to see this saga unfold all the way.

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Track by Track Review
This starts with the trademark hatchet being stuck in something that distinctly sounds like a head. With mysterious backwards readings and sounds of fire, this ain't Dante, it's ICP!
Walk Into the Darkness
A very methodical tune, this sets the pace for the entire disc. There are referencesto other songs on the disc in this one as well. Violent J mentions "In the name of the witch I cut the head off a mule." The witch makes many appearances in this disc.
Suicide Hotline
This track I found to be one the funniest on this disc. Now before we get all kinds of hate mail on this, let me explain myself. On the disc "The Great Milenko" there was some filler in between a couple of different songs with Violent J being the person that works for the suicide hotline and he basically keeps telling this guy to kill himself. Now this track is the reverse of this scenario with J being the one who is telling the guy on the hotline why he wants to kill himself. This track also makes reference to the Witch again.
C. P. K.'S
Once you know what this stands for, the entire song will be made very clear: "Crooked Preacher Killers". This is one of the most brutal songs on this disc. There are numerous violent references the entire way through this track. This is a very appropriate song to have on this album, stating that with all the scandal that went on with preachers molesting children that these "Men of God" will be burning in Hell's Pit.
Truly Alone
This starts with a personal cry of depression that there isn't anyone around to talk with him, to see if he's taking his medication, etc. Then this track takes a bizarre twist with J going crazy in Super K with a chainsaw, he then kills numerous other people in the store to get gunned down in the parking lot by the police.
Everyday I Die
This track is something right out of a George Romero movie with Zombies killing both Shaggy and J. It's another track full of violence and gore, including J getting his head removed and Shaggy getting cooked alive. This should be a Halloween classic.
The Night of 44
The first line is "I ran into a gas station and blew the guy's head off of his neck." Are you noticing a pattern here? During the rest of this track J ends up killing at least another 5 or 6 people. He then gets killed by the cops at a 7 -11.
The Witch
Now we have the track that tells more about the other songs that referenced it earlier. The Witch is the major influence of all the violent actions carried out in this disc. The chorus states it all, "Something is standing in between me and my sanity/they say my witch is just a dream more than fantasy." There is a very catchy tune to this.
Bowling Balls
This is one of my favorite tracks on this disc. This is all about an individual who collects human heads. Up on shelves, in the pool, in the yard. He even mentions taking one to work in a bowling ball bag. It's one of the best beats on the entire disc.
"24" is another track of random acts of violence. "I run through the hospital severing life lines." This track covers killing hookers, car jacking, and numerous uses of the almighty hatchet.
Burning Up
I view this one as an updated version of the Jim Carrol track "People Who Died." The only difference is this comes at you relentlessly. Again, we have reference to the Witch in this one. This is an assault of different people who are going to Hell and why. It's a very impressive cut.
This is about an individual who is committed to a Mental ward. The sedatives are the only thing that gives him peace. The Witch makes yet another appearance in this track, to tell him how to kill an orderly with a straw.
In My Room
This has the makings of a major motion picture. This is about a young man who doesn't have anyone but a ghost that visits him nightly. The ghost ends up telling him that the neighbor kids have seen her coming to his window. She won't come back to him unless he can make them keep their secret. Needless to say, he waits outside with a shotgun and knife. It's a very creepy tune, great to scare people to death.
Basehead Attack
It's night of the Living Baseheads! Crack addicts are attacking anything that moves and our heroes wipe them out one by one in this very hilarious track.
Angels Falling
This is about a young man who can't deal with the tragic death of his girlfriend. He shoots everything he can find into the sky with the hopes of bringing her down as an angel to ask her why.
Manic Depressive
This is probably the most morbid track on this disc. It is a very simple beat with J then Shaggy doing a couple of verses apiece. The title covers it all. This does end with Shaggy killing some lady with a harp.
Real Underground Baby
This is the longest track on the disc (12:36). It starts out with yet another reference to the witch. Then we go into a retrospective of all the Joker's Cards leading up to this one. The video for this is included on the DVD that comes with this disc. It's not a bad track, but does get a bit repetitive.
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