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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Might Could

All Intertwined

Review by Gary Hill

It would be quite simple to do this review in one sentence by saying "if you like California Guitar Trio you will like this CD." The disc does sound that much like CGT. Still, since there really aren't many acts that create integrated guitar based instrumental prog in that fashion these guys can't really be considered redundant. While CGT is a trio Might Could has four members, augmenting the guitar trio format with a bassist. There are a few stretches from that CGT format, but All Intertwined (great title, really considering that the music truly does feel intertwined) will certainly appeal to fans of CGT. These guys are very talented, and my guess is that given time they will continue to stretch out into new musical vistas. This offering, though, truly has nothing to apologize for - other than the derivative nature of the music. Besides, what band isn't rather derivative early in their career? For more information, or to order the CD check out the band's website at

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Track by Track Review
This is pretty and jazz like in texture. It is fast paced and consistent as well.
This feels more like a gently rolling stream, the waves running in a soothing, but intricate and ever changing pattern.
The Miscommunication Suite
This five-part composition seems to represent a game of "post office" where ideas get altered and misrepresented from one telling to the next.
Playful and bouncy this one rolls around on its three musical wheels.
This comes in gradually, reverse fading upward to its full melody and volume. This one is more meaty in terms of sheer "oomph" than some of the other cuts.
This seems like a nice merging of CGT and Belew era King Crimson and insect buzzing.
While this is more gentle and sedate than a lot of the songs here, it also turns more dissonant.
Interchange 3
Gentle and easy going like a sunny summer day, this is another pretty one.
Horrible Croaking
A weird processed crying, meowing, croaking appropriately starts this tune. The cut comes in quickly from this with a fast paced jam. This is a short one that is rather chaotic and dissonant.
Not Every Song Finds A Name
A pretty lullaby makes up the texture of this one. I really like the title.
The Water Parted
Feeling like a dramatic movie theme for a film yet to exist, this one can be gentle, but also energized and stirring at times.
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