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Review by Greg Olma

According to some information on the internet, Motorjesus started their career as the S**theadz. I'm sure that would prevent you from finding their discs at Wal-Mart. I have no idea what they sounded like before but if this release is any indication, they were a good old school metal band. These guys would have fit comfortably in the mid to late '80's metal scene. Even though not every track is a winner, the overall album certainly is. The tracks that fall short are not bad; it's just that the others are so good that the weaker cuts stand out. If you like a little bit of updating on your old school metal, then I suggest getting this CD. You will definitely be humming along after just the first play.

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Track by Track Review
Legion Of Rock
This tune starts off with a mid-paced old school metal feel that has elements of Metallica. There is a good guitar solo but the chorus has those cheesy metal lyrics that Manowar write. 
Another mid paced rocker with a great groove, the verses are sung in that "cookie monster" style but the rest of the tune is in the more traditional style. Before the guitar solo, there is a nice bridge that gives this track that little bit extra to pull it out as one of the better songs on the disc.
10 Feet Under Ground
Elements of Evergrey make an appearance during this cut. There are also some slow ballad parts in the verses but it does not fall into power ballad territory. Add a little Iron Maiden into the guitar solo and what we have here is one great track. 
Although this song is nothing special, it does rock pretty hard in a NWOBHM vein. It is not a bad tune but compared to the previous track, this one fails.
Distortion Sleep
This one is a bit more modern sounding. It is a rocker that is helped along quite a bit by some good backing vocals during the catchy chorus.
The Howling
The guitar at the beginning has that early Iron Maiden feel. The rest of the cut is a fast paced rocker that would make a great opener for a live show.
The Undertaken
This is an acoustic ballad that rocks during the chorus. That may make you think of a power ballad but it does not have that hair metal sound. The vocals are really good and the guitar work is nicely done; not overplayed.
Again, a more modern metal sound is used for this track. There are parts that remind me of Evergrey; especially during the catchy chorus. There is no "real" guitar solo in this cut and that is good thing. It does not need it.
Invisible Man
The piece starts off with a really weird drumming that eventually works itself into a NWOBHM rocker with Iron Maiden written all over it. It's a good track but not very original.
Black Fuel Domination
This is a fast paced rocker that has a cool riff. There are multiple parts to this cut which make it an interesting listen.
Death Hammer Overload
Even though this song rocks along nicely, it sounds like a Motorhead cover. This is the weakest track on the album.
The Evil
Iron Maiden's influence can be felt at the beginning of this cut. The chorus is really catchy and it finishes this disc on a high note.
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