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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Delaney Bramlett

A New Kind of Blues

Review by Gary Hill

The British really have a thing for the blues. It seemed to define a whole generation of musicians across the pond. Well, Delaney Bramlett is one of the originals – remember Delaney and Bonnie? This is his latest CD and it showcases one of the pioneers and powerhouses of British blues. Whatever type of blues is your particular flavor you’ll probably find it here. Bramlett manages to switch it up enough to keep it from getting stale.

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Track by Track Review
What Do You Do About the Blues
This comes in feeling like gospel music, but shifts out to a very classic British blues sound. It’s a strong tune and a great way to lead off the disc.
Cold and Hard Times
Here Bramlett serves up a slower blues groove, but it’s not lacking in terms of mood or tone. There’s some killer slide guitar on this and some great retro keyboard textures.
Mighty Mighty Mississippi
If you want to talk about slide guitar, look no further than this track. With it’s down and dirty sound and old school blues meets modern technology approach this one is just plain awesome. It’s one of my favorites on the CD.
Ol' Moanin' Blues
This is the most old school blues we’ve heard so far, an acoustic been so down tune. It’s literally moaner.

A New Kind of Blues
Here we get a more modern electric blues, but it’s still got plenty of that authentic retro sound. The saxophone solo on this one seriously wails. This might well be my favorite cut on the set.

Bramlett turns it to a more traditional blues groove, complete with honky tonk piano.
Ain't Got Nothin' to Lose
A slightly more modern sound is brought in on this one. It seems to me to be more of a Chicago blues sound. It’s another strong cut.
P. O. Box 32789
This is a slow blues grind. It’s more old school and is another highlight of the CD.
Change Gonna Come
As the saxophone leads this off it seems like we might be headed into a pure jazz piece. The intro is in that motif for sure, but once the vocals come in we are treated to another slow blues grind. I love the tone and mood of this one and it’s another highlight of the disc.
I Got the Time
This is a mid-paced jam that reminds me of The Grateful Dead does the blues.  Truly, this really does have a lot of Dead leanings to it. It’s also got some of the tastiest guitar of the whole disc. It’s another great change of pace and another standout tune.
I'm Gonna Be Ready
This is a rock and roll meets the blues in a soulful jazzy arrangement tune. It’s gritty and powerful. It’s a great way to end the disc in high style.
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