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Non-Prog CD Reviews

White Witch

A Spiritual Greeting

Review by Gary Hill

Released in the early `70`s this album has recently been reissued on CD. Long a cult classic band, White Witch combined hard rock with prog elements and a sense of mystery. Another part of the band's charm was a bit of naiveté. Featuring the song "Class of 2000", this one should be a pretty obvious choice for listening to in the New Year. The only complaint about this band is that the high pitched vocals could be a bit whiny at times.

White Witch was Ron Goedert, Buddy Pendergrass, Buddy Richardson, Bobby Shea, Bill Peterson and Charlie Souza.

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Track by Track Review
We'll All Ride High (Money Bag$)
Starting with piano, the first verse is strictly vocals added to that instrument. After this verse, a funky, rather quirky jam erupts leading to a wonderfully textured groove. This strong tune combines classic `70`s styled rock sounds with a fairly complex arrangement and very catchy, hook-laden chorus. This one is actually quite progish at times.

Slick Witch
A hard-edged, groove-oriented cut, this one is a bit bouncy and has a little country twang to it, rather in the vein of southern rock. It does contain a break with some very nice vocal interplay.
Walk On
Kind of a basic mellow rock cut, this one has a great texture and strong jam segment.
Class of 2000
A progish sci-fi cut, based heavily on acoustic guitar, this one covers quite a lot of musical territory. The title should certainly be of interest, considering the date, but the lyrics are a bit dated and naive by today's standards. "Class of 2000, We were wearing silver suits that year, Mum's hair was slick, she looked like a rooster, and Dad's was way past his rear."
Considerably progish, this one is also bouncy and fun. It contains a highly funky break and nice vocal arrangement.
Crystallize and Realize
Crystallize is solid prog that has a texture quite a bit like Yes and old Genesis. It is nicely trippy, and features science fiction based lyrics. "Hop inside my rocket ship, And quickly we'll disperse, We've a jolly way to go, To find the universe"

Black Widow Lover
This cut is quite competent solid rock and roll in a moderate tempo.
Auntie Christie/Harlow
The beginning section showing elements of both prog and metal, this is a powerful cut that talks about the anti-Christ. The lyrics include several direct quotations from the Bible. The Harlow segment of this one has a more straightforward rock approach, and serves as a strong resolution to the piece, and the album.

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