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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Skunk Anansie

Post Orgasmic Chill

Review by Gary Hill

Combining hard rock elements with pop, space rock, and punk layers, this album shows a very versatile and talented band that will not be tied to one musical style. All the musicians put in strong performances, but Skin`s vocals often steal the show. The lineup on this release is Skin, Ace, Cass and Mark.

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Track by Track Review
Charlie Big Potato
A Hawkwindish space rock intro leads to a techno beat. This gives way to a crunchy rhythmic groove that has a great percussive texture. The vocals come in in a very Debbie Harryish manner. The bridge takes on more moody pop tones, perhaps a bit in the mode of Garbage. As the harder edged segment takes control again, the vocals really take on a lot of meat. Keyboards here alternate between eastern tones and classically tinged elements.

On My Hotel TV
A Zeppelinish groove, this one includes some vocals that call to mind Bridget Wishhart`s work in Hawkwind a bit. The cut takes on moments that are more typical of bands such as Godsmack and Smashing Pumpkins a bit later.

We Don`t Need Who You Think We Are
This is a very powerful hard rocker with incredible vocals and a strong arrangement that shows a lot of dynamic contrast. This one really has many intriguing changes in its alterations between hard rocking material and more mellow material.

Tracy`s Flaw
A strong bluesy ballad with rock tones, this one includes a brief string section segment for emphasis.

The Skank Heads
A phone-ordering menu begins this cut, which is quite a punky, fast paced number with slight Aerosmith orientations.

Lately is simply a competent solid rock cut.
This one is a tune with lush arrangements and solidly progressive moments.
Good Things Don`t Always Come To You
A very accessible, balladic number, this one gradually builds in intensity continuing on the patterns and themes of the earlier segments, before exploding into a metallic space rock movement that serves as an instrumental break. The cut then returns to its earlier modes, and ends with the more hard rocking mode followed by some unusual percussive segments that seem to serve as a segue into Cheap Honesty.

Cheap Honesty
Putting a `70`s sort of texture together with contemporary elements, this track, which includes a definite Zeppelinesque segment, is a powerful rock number.

You`ll Follow Me Down
Based in a slow blues/rock style, this number is very `70`s influenced.

This is Nothing That I Thought I Had
Based on quirky alternative rock with punkish overtones, at times this one resembles harder edged Zeppelin. In fact, there is an instrumental segment that even calls to mind the musical mayhem of Whole Lotta Love, at points.

I`m Not Afraid
A strong, but not overly special hard rock ballad, this one has a triumphant tone to match its title.

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