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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Mr. Meeble

Never Trust The Chinese

Review by Eric Meli

Mr. Meeble is a Phoenix-based trio wit a sensual and soulful pop meets dark electronica  sound that is the brainchild of Devin Fleenor, Michael Plaster and Blain Klitzke.The guest vocalists have great voices that work well with the songs that they sing. I would suggest giving it a listen with the headphones on and the volume up to really appreciate this piece of work.

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Track by Track Review
The disc's opening track sounds like someone who has lost a love is trying to convince themself that they are fine. It starts with a '60's psychodelic feel and is sung partly by an uncredited female who has a very good voice.
This is an interesting song that starts with a short song about rain, then goes into the '70's classic "Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head" (sung well by Yasmine Ityia). It  then shifts into a poetry reading all done with a mellowish techno/soul kind of beat
Cultivation of the Imagination
You can hear an Art of Noise influence on this cut.
This is an upbeat soul style song with a techno style beat.
It All Came To Pass
This cut has a dark brooding techno background and is sung with a gospel tinged soul voice. The voice kind of kinda reminds me of the 80's band Yaz in a way.
Everything Is Good (part 1)
This track also has an Art of Noise feel to it.
A Ton of Bricks
Devin Fleenor's voice starts out sounding like he's doing fine then goes into a depressed sound. It then turns to anger. This piece feels like something Nine Inch Nails might do.
I Fell Through
One of the more pop sounding tracks on the CD, this has a very spacey feel and smooth vocals.
Everything Is Good (part 2)
Devin Fleenor's voice has a sound of desperation on this mellow track.
Until I Grasp The Second
There is a bit of an ethereal sound to this track.
100 Pills
To me this song sounds like it's about someone completely dying inside after the person they are madly in love with leaves them. 
Forget This Ever Happened
This piano instrumental with a kind of spacey background sound is the CD's closing track.
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