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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Sarah Hethcoat

Nobody Likes A Bully

Review by Gary Hill

This EP from Sarah Hethcoat shows an artist who takes a number of varying influences and weaves them into a sound that is all hers. Sure you’ll find elements here that remind you of one thing or another, but taken as a whole these five songs represent a sound that is all Sarah Hethcoat. It is also a vital and captivating sound.

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Track by Track Review
I Hate You
The lyrics may be spiteful, but this is a fun little pop rocker that’s catchy as heck. There’s a tasty little psychedelia meets modern pop rock section here, and I love the “you suck” at the end.
I Got You
This is a slower grind. It’s got a blues meets psychedelic and modern pop rock approach. It gets pretty energized before it closes out.
You Tease Me
Here we get a powered up ballad. This is also an angry one.
A New Day
Proggy and wonderful this is a lushly arranged ballad. It’s my one of my two favorite cuts on show here. The arrangement is the most complex and diverse and it’s quite a powerful piece of music, both musically and emotionally. The lyrics are the most thoughtful. Its message of holding your spirits high in the midst of bad times is particularly poignant right now. There’s also a bit of a prog rock sensibility to this.
Here’s another with a complex and rather proggy arrangement. There’s a more folk feeling to this, though. It’s a balladic number and another highlight of the set. While it’s more completely arranged somehow this reminds me in terms of the lyrics and the emotional message of early No Doubt. It’s another great track and it’s good that Hethcoat chose to close things with the two strongest pieces.
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