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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Ted Nugent

Spirit of the Wild

Review by Gary Hill

I like this CD a lot. It’s got a lot of classic Ted Nugent sound, but there’s some chances to stretch out a bit, too. There is some extremely strong music here and this is bound to please pretty much all fans of The Nuge. This is one of a batch of reissues of older Nugent albums coming down the pike right now.

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Track by Track Review
Starting in a weird little stripped down motif, this powers out into a smoking Ted Nugent mode. This feels sort of like a cross between Montrose and the Nugent. It’s got a killer riff and some great sounds. It’s a killer way to start this off in style.
Wrong Side Of Town
There’s a bit more of a 1980’s metal texture to this, but it’s still definitely Nugent. It’s another strong tune.
I Shoot Back
This may be different for Nugent, but this is also really cool! I absolutely love this one! It comes in with an almost prog rock texture, but then shifts out into some serious funk. We still get plenty of Nugent trademarks, but this almost fusion-like at times. It’s got tons of energy and just plain rocks. It’s actually one of my favorite tracks from the Nuge on any album and this by itself would be worth the price of admission.
Tooth, Fang & Claw
Here they turn back towards more typical Nugent music. This is strong, but not really a huge standout. That said, there’s not really anything weak here. 
Now this is a bit odd. It’s a good tune, but it’s Nugent does Motown. While it seems like an unusual sound for Mr. Nugent, it seems like it should come natural since he’s Detroit born and raised. 
Fred Bear
This song is one from this set that’s actually become a Nugent staple. There’s good reason for this as it’s a great rocker. This hunting, Native American themed piece is totally Ted in terms of sound and lyrical concept. I’ve always liked this one a lot and it still holds up as a highlight of the disc. 
Primitive Man
Take a classic Ted Nugent sound and turn it more towards ‘80’s metal. OK, you’re now listening to “Primitive Man.”
Hot Or Cold
Starting with some talking from the studio control room, this is a killer rock and roll tune. It’s classic Ted Nugent with a bit of Rick Derringer rolled into it. I can also hear a bit of ‘80’s Stones on this. 
Kiss My A**
Is that a Ted Nugent title or what? How’s that for a catchy chorus, too. This is a powered up rocker that’s fun – even it if might have parents running for the “stop” button. Of course, Nugent names these folks by name and it’s a who’s who list of the liberals who were prominent at the time. 
Heart And Soul
This cut isn’t very typical of Ted Nugent. It feels more like Journey, but it really rocks. I like it a lot.
Spirit Of The Wild
Perhaps rather Southern rock styled, this is basically an anthemic ballad. It’s a good cut, but not really a highlight of the disc.
Just Do It Like This
The disc closes out in fine style with this stomping hard rocker. It’s classic Nugent.
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