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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Nashville Pussy

From Hell to Texas

Review by Gary Hill

The music here is raw. It’s often tongue in cheek – or at least I hope so. The disc is well deserving of a parental advisory. The thing is, this band’s combination of blues hard rock groove, punk and classic rock really works quite well. It wears a bit thin as sort of a one trick pony, but I like it nonetheless.

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Track by Track Review
Speed Machine
This has a killer chugging riff that’s part ZZ Top and part Clutch. When the vocals enter I’m reminded more of WASP.
From Hell To Texas
Here they turn it more raw. It’s almost pure punk. It’s definitely pure energy. The lyrics here earn them an advisory sticker.
Drunk Driving Man
Cowboys ride into town at the start of this. Then it’s out into a scorching classic rock meets WASP arrangement.  I can definitely hear some of the more raw music from Alice Cooper here. This is quite catchy and has another advisory in store.  I can hear a little Kiss in some of the riffs here, too. If you remember the song “Roller” by April Wine, this one borrows the chorus of that for some backing vocals.
Lazy Jesus
Seeming tongue in cheek, this brings some down home hillbilly blues to the table. It’s a cool cut.  We even get some blues harp on the cut. We get some backing vocals on this after a “sing it children.”
I'm So High
The riff that opens this reminds me at different points of Kiss, Aerosmith and AC/DC – although that last one is probably the biggest one. The vocals make me think of Alice Cooper and this has a definite classic rock texture to it.  There’s another warning on the lyrics here. This is one of the highlights of the disc. 
Ain't Your Business
Here’s another raw rocker with some punk in the mix. It’s got more WASP and other elements, too. They haven’t drastically changed gears yet, but this song and the last one seem more serious than the ones that preceded them.
Dead Men Can't Get Drunk
This comes in with a series old school punk sound. They bring in more of that Alice Cooper kind of vibe as they go along, though. This is a good tune, but the formula is starting to wear a bit thin by now.
The Late Great USA
The Ramones start this off, but then Alice Cooper takes over. The guitar solo on this is especially tasty, but overall it’s starting to get pretty monolithic in sound.
Pray for The Devil
This is a killer jam. It starts off fast paced, but drops back to a slower grind later. It’s a good tune. Some extended feedback ends this. 
Why Why Why
More like punk meets Kiss, this is another good tune, but not really a standout at all.
Stone Cold Down
A bit more bluesy, this is a good tune and a step up from the mediocrity that has begun to set in.
Give Me A Hit Before I Go
Here’s another slab of the music that makes up this disc. It’s good, but I’m over it by this point.
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