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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Yahowa 13

Sonic Portation

Review by Gary Hill

This disc is a bit strange, but also quite cool. Fans of early Hawkwind and early Pink Floyd should really like it. The music here combines those types of sounds with more traditional Native American music and psychedelia and creates modern space music that’s both weird and enchanting.

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Track by Track Review
E Ah O Shin
At almost twelve minutes in length this is the longest track on the disc. The first portion (and it’s an extended portion) is an acapella segment that has a definite Native American kind of feel to it. After a time they bring in a percussion sound and then move it out into space. We get some psychedelia coming in from there – but very sparse and open psychedelia. They build this up into a cool jam from there that’s definitely got a lot of psychedelic music but also some more pure prog in the mix.
Raga Nova
This comes straight in with rock elements. It’s very much in a Hawkwind space rock meets psychedelic mode. There are even bits of The Ventures in this, though. It gets pretty intense before they close it out.
Yod Hey Vau Hey Tetractys
This is intriguing. It combines a Native American chant with a hard rocking motif that’s rather Hawkwind-like. The thing is, the chant almost feels like a rap. They build it out into a great jam as they continue and at times I’m reminded of Jimi Hendrix.
Traveling Ohm
They pound in on this one much like an early Hawkwind number, but then drop it way down as it carries on. This is definitely a lot more free form and spacey. It eventually builds back up to some seriously fiery territory. This one keeps changing, but all very gradually. 
Big Kundalini
Somehow I’m reminded of “Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict” by Pink Floyd on lots of portions of this. Add in some early Hawkwind and you’ve got a pretty good idea of what this track sounds like. There’s an extended drum solo in the middle of this. It eventually powers back up and this track also brings in some King Crimson (early style) in at points.
IN AND OUT..........
At less than two minutes in length, this is a brief one that reminds me a lot of the tribal styled music from Hawkwind.
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