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Telling on Trixie

Telling on Trixie

Review by Gary Hill

If you like hard edged alternative indie rock, you’ll enjoy this disc. It’s got it in spades. All the songs are entertaining and Telling on Trixie seems to know how to create a disc full of music that’s both cohesive and varied. The one thing they seem to be lacking is a unique musical identity. Still, this is their debut (they’ve got a newer one out) and such qualities often take time to develop. It’s a great start. I look forward to hearing where they take us next.

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Track by Track Review
Halfway Back to Sane
They bring this in with some great guitar sounds. It drops back to a more stripped back arrangement for the entrance of the first vocals. When it gets to the chorus, it powers back up to the harder rocking territory. It's a hook-laden chorus. The alternative rock vibes on this are so catchy and meaty. This is a good way to start things.
Dumb Boy

There’s a bit of an old school rock and roll vibe on this, but overall it’s just a killer indie rocker. I like this one more than the opener.

Orion's Light

A mellower cut, this is a balladic indie rocker. At times I hear hints of the Allman Brothers on this and the guitar solo is especially tasty. Somehow I can also hear the Black Crowes at points. Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Dave Matthews.

Circles in the Sky

This one’s based on a killer hard-edged riff. The chorus is mainstream and very cool. It’s arguably the strongest cut on show.


Here’s a cut that might be a contender for that best of show title, though. This is different from everything else we’ve heard so far. There’s more of a real groove to this and yet it’s still got that smoking alternative rock texture. This is slower and very much in a bluesy motif and it’s got some awesome sounds on tap.

Twisted in Knots

This has its moments, but the chorus is amongst the most generic music on the disc. Still the verse is quite strong. The metallic instrumental break is also a highlight of the song.

Angels Fall

There’s nothing really special about this one. It’s pleasant enough, but doesn’t really stand out.

Devil's Best Friend

We get a cool funky groove on this track. They aren’t breaking any molds here but this is still a strong number. I definitely hear a lot of Black Crowes on this one.


This is a slower, more bluesy jam. It’s got some definite retro textures and is quite tasty.

Your Silence
I usually think that closing a hard rocking album with a ballad is a mistake. It seems anti-climatic. The thing is, this emotional acoustic ballad is so strong it bucks that trend. This is one of the highlights of the set and a great way to close it.
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