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Review by Gary Hill

The mix of sounds created by Bahntier is interesting. The music moves from techno to space rock and nearly progressive at times. It can be noisy and yet it’s strangely pretty. It’s very percussive, too. I like this one a lot, although, it does suffer at times from a lack of variety.

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Track by Track Review

Starting with a percussive motif that’s laced with industrial, this piece is a bit strange, but also very compelling. It makes me think of a cross between Art of Noise and Cradle of Filth.

Illusion Ground
Another that begins with percussion, this becomes more musical, reminding me a little of Hawkwind at times. It’s very dark and creepy, too, though. There’s still plenty of techno sound in this mix.
While in some ways the mix hasn’t changed much, this is more pure techno. Still, it reminds me of a mix between Kraftwerk and Nine Inch Nails.
My God

This is sort of a noisefest of sound effects and other elements. Somehow, it works out into a rather intriguing piece of music and at times I’m reminded just a bit of Hawkwind.

Memory Faces
The puzzle isn’t greatly rearranged here, yet it still feels fresh and interesting. Hawkwind is again in the reference table. 
OK, this track is very much like something from Xenon Codex era Hawkwind. There’s even a cool space section. It’s cool, and yet not that different from a lot of the other music.
This one feels like a mix of Nine Inch Nails, Cradle of Filth and Hawkwind with a little bit of Alice Cooper creepiness thrown in. 
The formula is starting to wear a bit thin by now. Although, the little sound effects oriented break is pretty cool. 
The boredom from the lack of variety is firmly in place here. That’s too bad because, taken by itself, this is one of the strongest cuts on show.
The Drown
This instrumental is cool. It’s a highlight of the set and almost prog rock in nature.
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