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Talk – Action = 0

Review by Gary Hill

I know these guys are considered to be hardcore punk. I’m not sure I agree with that assessment, at least based on this album. Sure, some of the music qualifies, but a lot is slower, more like old school punk. You don’t have to struggle to make out the lyrics either, like you usually do in hardcore. Frankly, this is a great album that feels like real strong rock and roll – no punk or hardcore labels needed. It’s a highly recommended disc and will probably go down as one of my favorites of the year – and what a musical year this is.

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Track by Track Review
That's Why I Am An Atheist

Here’s a killer thrashy punk rock tune. It’s angry, just like it should be. This is similar to the music on the first Metallica album, but more punk.

That's Why I Am An Atheist

Here’s a killer thrashy punk rock tune. It’s angry, just like it should be. This is similar to the music on the first Metallica album, but more punk.

Rebel Kind
Equally punky, there’s a bit of an Irish punk element to this. It’s far less mean musically and perhaps closer to the Clash. There’s a tasty old time rock and roll guitar solo on this piece.
They Hate Punk Rock
If Thin Lizzy had been a punk rock band they probably would have sounded a lot like this. 
I Live In A Car
I suppose this is punk rock, but I’d consider it more just pure rock. It’s kind of a combination of Midnight Oil, The Ramones and The Cramps. It’s a cool tune. 
The R.C.M.P.
More pure punk, this is rather like The Clash meets the Pistols. 
Don't Bank On A Bank
This really reminds me a lot of the Ramones (early Ramones that is). There’s a smoking guitar solo on the number. 
Tyrants Turn In Hell
This has more of that Irish punk texture to it. 
The Times They Are A-Changin'
A cover of Bob Dylan, this is also very much an Irish punk rocker. 
Captain Kirk, Spock, Scotty and Bones
Those who really pay attention to my reviews at Music Street Journal will have probably figured out that I am a big “Star Trek” fan. Well, this track certainly appeals to that. There’s a punk edge to this, but I’d really consider it a metal track. The lyrics paint a legendary picture of the main characters from classic “Star Trek.” This is quite an homage to the heroism and heroes of “Star Trek.”
Don't Let Your Life
The motif that starts this off actually reminds me of early Rush. They take it out into a smoking punk rocker from there. 
That's Amore
Here’s a tongue in cheek take on the old Italian chestnut. It’s funny, but kind of leaves me wanting something else. Of course, the powered up punk version of the arrangement later is better. 
Consume! Consume!
We get an energized punk rocker here. This is one of the tastier cuts on show. 
We Won't Give In
This is one of the most hardcore songs on the set. There’s definitely some metal in the mix, too. It’s another cool song.
Lookin' For A World
There’s a bit of a rockabilly edge to this killer tune. I like this a lot and it makes for a great closer. I hear Midnight Oil on this one, too.
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